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High school students at the school gate ‘parents cut off to give the child the parents at the school gate outlet Zheng middle school students for children to intercept the student conflict is normal, can solve, or will be solved by the class teacher or school, must not take social workers to force. The afternoon of November 18th, Zheng Zhengzhou city high school entrance, the parents of the students with beaten events, beating students just being on this patrol patrol team found, timely stop beating together. In November 18th 14, the school of rehabilitation is’ in front of students go to school the school time. Suddenly, forty-five 16 male youth and parents of a student surrounded by a junior high school boys to school, one of the young men tried to students allowing no explanation to face. This scene is just in front of the school is the duty of the university road patrol team Song Jianxin, Zhao Yonglong, Shi Weidong see, the scouts immediately stepped forward to stop beating their behavior and warning. The Scouts of the parents of a student to make a serious criticism, they hope to resolve conflicts through reasonable channels of civilization, not personal attacks, to avoid irreparable serious consequences. Subsequently, the patrol team learned that hit young brother during the school has been in front of the bully, he found a few friends today is to help his brother vent. Because both parties involved in school, so players will hit the side and hit the student together into the school to the school district office solutions. The majority of parents see players timely and decisive handling of this incident have praised.

郑大附中校门口家长堵截学生 为给孩子出气 郑大附中校门口一家长堵截学生 为给孩子出气   中学生在校有矛盾很正常,可自己协调解决,或者交由班主任或校方解决,切不可带社会人员前来武力解决。11月18日下午,郑州市郑大附中门口,发生了一起学生家长殴打本校学生的事件,殴打学生过程正好被在此巡逻的巡防队员发现,及时的制止一起殴打事件。   11月18日14时,康复前街郑大附中门前,正是学生上学进校的时间。突然,有四五名十六七岁的男青年和一名学生家长围住一名正要入校的初中男生,其中一名男青年不由分说抬手就向学生的脸上打去。这一幕正好被正在学校门前执勤的大学路巡防队员宋建新、赵永龙、施卫东看到,巡防队员立即上前警告并制止他们的打人行为。   巡防队员还对其中的一名学生家长做出严肃批评,希望他们通过合理的渠道文明解决矛盾,不要进行人身攻击,避免造成不可挽回的严重后果。   随后,巡防队员了解得知,打人青年的弟弟在校期间曾经被眼前这位同学欺负,他今天找来几位朋友就是帮弟弟出气的。因为当事双方都牵涉到在校学生,于是队员将打人一方和被打学生一起带入学校交给学校政务处处理解决。广大学生家长目睹队员及时制止、果断处理这一打人事件纷纷表示赞扬。相关的主题文章: