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Hongkong two suites of stamp duty uniform rose to 15% against speculation trend [Abstract]11 month 4 days, the Hongkong SAR government announced that it would buy second homes to the permanent residents of Hongkong unified 15% tax stamp tax, effective 5, designed to combat speculation atmosphere. Liang Zhenying, chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region and the financial secretary, Mr Ceng Junhua, the Secretary for transport and housing, Mr. Li, the Secretary for development, and so on,, held a press conference on the evening of 4, announced the news of the day, and so on, at the same time, he held a press conference in. This is the first time since February 2015, the Hongkong SAR government added spicy, in accordance with the new regulations, whether in the name of the individual or the company to buy second floors, are required to pay the stamp duty of 15%. At present, Hongkong permanent residents to buy second suites, the value in 3 million to 4 million between the Hong Kong dollar, at a rate of 4.5%; 4 million to HK $6 million at the rate of 6%; 6 million 720 thousand more than HK $7.5% to HK $20 million or above 8.5%. Since March of this year, Hongkong property prices turn up, 3 to September property prices rose by up to 8.9%, the current leading index in the Central Plains of second-hand housing prices have been very close to the historical peak level in September 2015. The Secretary for transport and Housing Bureau Zhang Bingliang 4, said that investors active again in the market, investors 8-9 month rose 50% mom in September rose to 2600 in September a record high, trading port of Hongkong permanent residents have more than one property in 2300, the current building has increased the risk of damage to the society. Liang Zhenying said, in the past the government by stamp tax to curb three non occupied demand, reduce the success from speculation, foreign investment demand, but demand is still dominate the market. Finance minister Ceng Junhua believes that the risk of the property market bubble to focus on the need to take action, so as not to endanger the economic and financial system. This round of rising prices in Hongkong, some people think that the background of RMB devaluation from mainland funds pushed up prices; but opponents also refers to the fact that some big luxury buyers early has made Hongkong permanent identity.相关的主题文章: