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UnCategorized As the saying goes, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is very true with regards business coaching. For every change attempted in life, there will be resistance of equal magnitude and thus begins the game of change and resistance. Clients dont hire a business coach when they are smooth sailing in their business venture. They hire coaches when they want to develop and grow, even if it means a huge breakthrough, goal setting or meaningful contribution or blending years of experience and wisdom. Some people bring about change without attending to the resistance that is present. This kind of change brings temporary result, without long term integration of the desired change. Resistance is a natural factor when ones status quo is threatened. For example, if a person suffering from a heart problem undergoes surgery and a valve is replaced, his body undergoes many changes and he suffers from the side effects due to internal resistance. Same is the case within an organization. This institute is a .plex social system. When you face a change, accept resistance also and prepare for it. Change threatens status quo. It threatens what is reliable, even if the current structure is not supportive to your personal or organizational intentions. Change threatens safe, as safe has known dimensions and in .parison, safe change will always feel riskier because it is .pletely unknown. Fundamentally, change threatens life and what we have relied on up till now. Change kills your current ways, current patterns, predictability, which is inevitable. Coaching clarifies ones values and current goals, centering on you. Business coaching prepares clients to face resistance. If you are attempting a change, then you can choose to be direct with the people who will be affected, by informing them about the change and try to be very clear about it. Through business coaching, you learn to bring resistance closer and not push it away, as changes provides an opportunity to face a kick back. Resistance provides incredible insight into your unique way of perceiving yourself, your capabilities and others .petencies at your work situations. Closer resistance familiarizes you with its nuances and strengths. You can find resistance and change in your relationships also. For example, when your behavior changes, resistance and kick backs show up in the relationships you have, with family, friends and colleagues. Even when a person is changing to be.e more human, .passionate and understanding people around will resist! If life feels like a struggle, it is a clear sign of internal resistance. If we resist all the changes in life, then we are ensuring a problem. Acceptance allows space for transformation and change to occur. When you face un.fortable circumstances, look within and examine your thoughts and feelings surrounding you. This will give you an opportunity to recognize your negative habits and beliefs that are creating the terrible situations in your life. Releasing resistance can ease the struggle. Change is possible in your life when you make peace with the very thing you resist. Many times, what you consider your greatest successes in life begin as perceived failures. When you surrender to the unwanted and unexpected situations of life and decide to grow from them, your most difficult times can be transformed into your greatest gifts and insights. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: