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.puters-and-Technology Real-time information regarding organizational performance is at the core of all highly developed business strategies. This information is an integral asset for resolving operational dysfunction through pinpointing areas of weakness and providing quantifiable data that will help the .pany to reduce OPEX costs and optimize their operating procedures based on in-depth information about customer behaviour. Headquartered in Florida, CountWise provides industry-leading people-traffic monitoring solutions to both public and private entities. Through their high value, low-cost solutions CountWise offers their clients access to the most reliable, accurate information concerning their .pany’s in-house processes. Customer count solutions by CountWise provide a birds-eye view of a .pany’s operations. Their leading edge, I-Count solution is considered within the industry, to be the most accurate customer count solution available on the market. The advanced digital image processing and real-time adaptive algorithms utilized within this customer count solution conform to ambient conditions and can mitigate image shadowing and reflection. This standalone, easy to maintain product delivers multi-lane, bi-directional traffic counting through innovative shape recognition and motion detection technology. I-Count will be.e your .pany’s most trusted tool for improving visitor to customer ratios. When .panies utilize this highly evolved solution, data is exported directly to the client’s non dedicated in-house server to provide a clear and direct way to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. As well as, optimize the use of their workforce in order to streamline .pany operations. Also available through CountWise is the first video-based platform that measures and tracks customer behaviour within a pre-defined area, such as a department, aisle or display area. The Z-Count zone management solution enables decision makers within an organization to leverage customer behaviour data to enhance product placement, examine customer to staff ratios and accurately measure the effectiveness of the .pany’s marketing campaigns. Through this one-of-a-kind customer count solution, .panies can examine the visitor trends and optimize their operating practices based on the data revealed. Q-Count is CountWise’s solution to resolving queuing challenges. It is the first multi-lane video-based platform for assessing, controlling and improving queue management. Utilizing innovative imaging systems, this product collects real-time information from checkout lanes, relating to the amount of people and carts present. This information is then delivered to in-house management who can resolve the queuing challenges by making use of .pany resources to ensure that all customers are serviced in a quick and efficient manner. Q-Count monitors Customer Behavior in all queues types: Linear Queues: One line queue where theres a First In First Out [FIFO] customer behavior Parallel Queues: Where customers wait in parallel queues, and waiting time is limited by the behavior of a single cashier/teller and the customers in front Cloud Queues: Passengers wait in loose formation in the approximate area This streamlined staffing solution provides real-time feedback to predictive scheduling systems and .piles historic workflow data that helps create a framework by which future results can be measured. This is a truly proactive customer management tool. Through Q-count, .pany management are alerted when the in-queue customer count exceeds predefined standards, so .pany regulations are adhered to at all times and the .pany’s relationship with their customers remains strong. To help your business reach its organizational potential, take advantage of CountWise’s exceptional offers on the latest and most innovative customer count solutions today. Their product suite provides actionable customer data that helps .panies to enhance the effectiveness of their operational practices for improved levels of .anizational efficiency and thus higher profits. For more information, visit countwise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: