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Legal If you’ve recently come into an inheritance you’re probably wondering how much tax you have to pay. Well, it all depends. Paying tax on an inheritance is only due if the estate, and any assets within the estate, meet or exceed the government set tax threshold. In case it does, different legal forms have to be filled out and various procedures followed. This is why finding a UK inheritance tax lawyer may help you sift through the legal technicalities of the process. An inheritance tax is pretty self-explanatory. It is the amount of money that will be paid on behalf of the estate to the government after the owner dies. Some people may even take care of these issues before they pass on. If an estate is received before the death of the grantee the inheritance tax may be waived if the grantee survives a particular time frame. However, since most estates do not meet the tax threshold, they are not required to pay the associated tax. A trustee is the person who is in charge of the estate one the owner dies. This is usually the person who is responsible for taking care of any tax issues. Keep in mind that the money paid to the government on behalf of the estate is given directly from the funds of the estate. In rare cases, if an individual receives a gift from the estate, this person has to pay taxes on the individual gift. However, this scenario is unlikely. You may need to seek legal counsel to find out if any of these exemptions are applicable in your case. You can figure out if you are responsible for paying an inheritance tax by adding up all of the assets within the estate. This includes personal investments, cars, savings, homes and any other personal investments are tallied into this figure. Once you have a figure you can compare it to the government’s inheritance tax threshold. There are some cases when an estate can be passed onto a trustee with having an inheritance tax charged, regardless of the estate’s value. One such case includes when the estate is passed onto a spouse of civil partner. However, there is usually one condition, that the spouse of civil partner is a resident of the UK. Planning ahead for what happens to your estate before you pass on can save your loved ones an overwhelming task. On the other hand, if you’ve found yourself dealing with an inheritance seeking help may make the process easier. Finding a UK inheritance tax lawyer can help you sift through the legal technicalities of such a process. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: