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Business Choosing the wrong web host can be disastrous if you are looking to setup an online business. Your online business is supposed to be online 24/7. If your host goes down for some reason, that means you are not earning any revenues. The question is, can you afford to have your host go down? How much revenue will you be losing if that happens? To prevent potential loss of revenue, the best thing to do is to choose a reliable web host from the start. Here is what usually happens when someone chooses a web host. 1) They read reviews online. 2) They check out the pricing. 3) They check out server specs. 4) Finally, they compare package features, specs and pricing before making a commitment. However, note that such information is only superficial. In other words, you can’t really tell how reliable a hosting company is based on such information alone. Given 2 servers with the same specifications and pricing, how do you choose? The reliability of the service then depends on the skill level of the IT professionals. A hosting company with competent IT professionals behind it will always plan ahead. Critical software and patches are always installed on time to prevent future problems. Maintenance and upgrades are done on a regular basis to minimize downtime. Keeping the servers online will be the priority of the hosting company. In many instances, problems tend to arise in the shared hosting environment. In such an environment, hundreds of customers may be hosting thousands of sites on a single server. The challenge is to keep the server running in an acceptable condition even with the huge number of sites hosted on it. For sites that consume minimal resources, that shouldn’t be too big of a problem. However, some webmasters install scripts that consume huge amounts of resources – and they don’t even know it! To make things worse, some scripts are automated and they create additional scripts that hog resources on the servers. It’s only a matter of time that the server goes under. Fortunately, the hosting industry has evolved to a stable stage. Many smaller companies who have failed to overcome these challenges have gone belly up. These are companies that lacked the technical skills to cope with the technological demands of running a hosting company. The more professional hosting companies have developed highly sophisticated software that deal specifically with such problems. For instance, checks are ran on a regular basis to see if there are any customers abusing their hosting accounts with too many unnecessary files. Customers who are hogging too much resources are then asked to take action to reduce the server load. Otherwise, their account may be temporarily suspended. If you are in a hurry, ask around in hosting forums to see which are the more reliable companies. Spend a little time reading what others say about their experiences about various companies. Finally, before you make a purchase for any hosting package, make sure you source for discount codes. These are coupon codes that are normally available in hosting review sites. Before checking out, you will be prompted for the coupon code. Simply enter the coupon and enjoy a discounted rate for your hosting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: