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How to raise children in twenty-first Century? Foreign teachers: to discuss the topic of Education Oriental Network reporter Liu Yilin reported in October 23rd by international experts: Mining Talent parents "in twenty-first Century is the most important talent", a movie script has revealed the current education many hardships: face the reality of competition, as parents, how to educate their children? This week at the second session of the Shanghai Wellington education section, from Britain and many education experts, scholars, guests gathered in Shanghai, around the "early education", "Happy Education" and "the golden age of English education" and "education" four themes, to bring the best education in new era how is the child. Many foreign teachers said that the best talent to tap the child’s parents. Shanghai Wellington International School President Majed pointed out that the curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, focusing on the development of language communication, physical development, personal, social and emotional development and other basic fields, so that children can enhance the successful integration of the necessary social skills and knowledge, such as literacy, mathematics and logic ability, cognitive ability, expressive force art and design. "Let the children of early childhood, in peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and unity in the healthy growth of the environment, in order to enable them to have the courage, kindness, integrity, responsibility, respect for the quality." Majed said that many Chinese parents believe that children rely on the school, it is the absence of parents, lack of cooperation between the school and the family, the formation of a big short board to nurture the future elite face. "Parents are the best teachers to fully tap their children"." What is happiness? China’s traditional education, the happiness is too much on the success of the exam. Compared with the results of the exam, happiness education is more concerned about how to prepare for a long life. The event, a number of guests stressed the importance of physical and mental health to happiness. The psychological problems of excessive pressure, often causing potential is suppressed, and a healthy mental state, can let a person to face adversity never yield in spite of reverses the pressure as the driving force. Apart from the differences, there are many similarities between the two countries. China education and English education to all-round development, China summed up from five aspects: "Dezhitimei", while the British education thought "positive, careful thinking, independence, individuality, inclusive of five major characteristics as the goal. In the "exploration of education" theme, to be good at helping students achieve the goal of the famous Ian · Warrick, sharing his continuous improvement of standards to deliberately create failure of education methods. Ian · Warrick said, "the cultivation of multiple intelligences" can let children have the habit of autonomous learning, and creative thinking, team spirit and practical ability and personality etc.. What’s more, they began to explore their own life at a very young age, to stimulate the pursuit of happiness. Study, study, parenting, workplace…… More education information > > > Shen Shen education account for children in Shanghai to go to school, college entrance examination conditions list 2016 the latest version of the Shanghai school district housing and household registration of all the questions, the answer is here! The key senior high schools in Shanghai (municipal experimental high school)相关的主题文章: