Huaian two cars collided with a car was damaged severely damaged roadside ca1805

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Huaian two car collision of a car was left severely damaged roadside yesterday was the last day of the National Day holiday is a holiday return peak, a rain let people travel inconvenience, slippery because of rain caused traffic accidents also increased gradually. In October 7th, around 16 PM, Huaian City, Mei Gao road and road intersection intersection because diligent slippery on rainy days fast, a Poussin and NISSAN sedan collided, two cars damaged Poussin car driver suffered minor injuries. The large number of vehicles scattered on the ground after impact debris, many of the parts all over the floor, on the south side of the road were parked two car accident, two cars were severely damaged, NISSAN the entire front of the car was severely damaged, headlights and bumper also in the crash damaged off. Poussin and the entire car damaged the front, right front wheel was severing the whole deformation, off the windshield in the crash, the vehicle has been unable to start. With the site owners relatives and witnesses learned that the NISSAN car is from north to South and straight in the process of traveling from east to West Poussin sedan collided, NISSAN cars fell out of nearly 10 meters, Poussin went to the hospital the injured driver crash. A witness at the scene revealed that the incident when the speed of two cars are fast, because the driver is not careful.相关的主题文章: