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Hunan 20 units to do inspection contact for supervision and corrective responses in the original title: illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, public funds tourism, illegal bidding…… How to do the rectification patrol answer according to the provincial unified deployment of Hunan 20 units, the second round of the 2016, the provincial inspection group of provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and other 40 units to carry out special inspections. Recently, the 40 units have been disclosed in the rectification of the situation, and announced the contact, welcome the community supervision. Xiang Jun Jun will be released in batches, please pay attention. Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of new media management: to strengthen the management of the new media and traditional media with the same principle, focusing on the new media, such as vulgar vulgar problems such as reading and rectification. Strengthen the standardization management of micro-blog, WeChat public number, news client and other new media. The supervision system is not perfect: a guide to promote Xiaoxiang film group, Hunan sports industry group, Hunan radio and television network holding group, Hunan Education Press Group and other cultural enterprises to set up and improve the supervision of board of supervisors, the Hunan daily newspaper group, Hunan radio and Television Group supervisors will start to build. Tel: 0731-82688750; Changsha: P.O. Box No. 1 Shaoshan Road north two office of Party committee; E-mail: 2278510551@qq provincial Civil Affairs Department of civil affairs financial supervision: the province’s focus on practical livelihood progress, two disabled orphans living subsidies, payment and other key work conducted a comprehensive inspection, the focus of the work is not implemented or the implementation is not enough good areas were informed. Illegal part-time reward: in the province for 5 workers in the terminal unit of the marketing department (another 1 are part-time appointees), received illegal part-time pay for performance, the leading performance salary has been recovered. Tel: 0731-84502091; post office: Changsha Dongfeng Road 276, Hunan provincial Civil Affairs Department of discipline inspection and supervision room; E-mail: 2281717190@qq Provincial Forestry Department special fund supervision: organization of special funds audit. According to the provincial forest and Forest Construction Exploration Institute charged no relationship 4 fee, organized a special investigation, correct financial mixed to co-ordinate the use of practice. "Yanguobamao": the use and management of the ecological public welfare forest 2013-2015, returning farmland to forest 9 project funds were the focus of inspection, made a serious treatment on related issues identified. Tel: 0731-85550764; E-mail: hnslytrjc@sina provincial health and Family Planning Commission discipline concept: a serious deal with the former director of the medical examination center, Xiong Xiong discipline cases. The first time to bear some be suspended, and start the investigation, has entered the closing stages according to the procedure. Public funds Tourism: medical examination committee instructed the training center for repaying the travel costs 40 thousand and 400 yuan, commission of the talent exchange center of repaying the travel costs 52 thousand and 900 yuan, the Provincial Association of traditional Chinese medicine repaying unreasonable expenditure 29 thousand and 200 yuan, the relevant persons responsible for accountability processing. Tel: 0731-84822019; P.O.Box: Hunan province Changsha Kaifu District, Xiangya Road No. 30, the Provincial Health Planning Commission under the authority of the Party committee, zip code: 410008 e-mail; 35713955)相关的主题文章: