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Different couples as a "made man" husband a month is a good time for a Saturday morning flight home to catch the 7:20 Sunday night back to Anshun, sit 7 points the train back to Chongqing, the morning of the second day 8 straight work, every wife ovulation, Mr. Zhou had to "toss", all this just to early pregnant. 27 evening, the reporter in his rented place — Yubei Yuanyang met him, he kept saying their anxiety and pressure. 3 years of marriage to a child Mr. Zhou, this year 30 years old, 19 years old to Chongqing, stay in traffic after graduating from the University of Chongqing, had financial sales, pharmaceutical sales, "said the two industry special money, eventually found not suitable for their own." Mr. Zhou said that in the end he chose to work with the professional counterparts to settle down, now in Yubei, Mount Huangshan Avenue, a survey company to do a design. Mr. Zhou’s hometown is Guizhou County, Anshun,, his wife is a civil servant in the county seat of the home town of Chen Jing. They are high school students, college graduation second years of the Spring Festival, a high school reunion party on the re understanding of the two people, began to fall in love, married for three years, has been different. Because the relationship between different places, Chen Jing has not been to the child, she has been thinking about her to Chongqing or her husband back home, when the two reunion. However, there are many difficulties in reality, can not be resolved at once, to the end of last year, they plan to have children, but has not been pregnant, she was anxious." During the Spring Festival this year, Chen Jing is not pregnant, went to the hospital to check, and two people are not abnormal body, I am really worried." Chen Jing said, so they started the man made plan". Because he traveled back and forth in different places after the Spring Festival, Mr. Zhou every month in the middle of the weekend to go back once, because it is the wife of ovulation. "I usually catch the 7:20 flight on Saturday, so I can fly directly to Huangguoshu Waterfalls airport. Back to Chongqing is to take the train, around seven p.m. Sunday, a train, sleep a night, more than second days to more than 8, directly to the company to work, do not delay." Mr. Zhou’s boss said, "we all know he’s going home on weekends, and sometimes the train is late. It’s okay to say hello on Monday morning." If it is usual, Chongqing to fly in Anshun discount tickets at 400 yuan to 700 yuan. But to catch up with the national day, the eve of the Spring Festival, such as the eve of the big ticket on expensive, 1500 yuan to 2000 yuan. Then choose to take the train, "no high-speed rail, the fastest train to 10 hours, I have to catch up with the morning of more than in the class of K159, at 8 in the evening to be able to. At that time back to the county seat of the bus has not, I usually spend 30 dollars to carpool, account transfer, et al the time wasted, the train nearly two hours to get home." Two weeks ago, the Mid Autumn Festival is just Chen Jing ovulation period, Mr. Zhou went back to a trip. "I came to the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, is the ovulation period this is down eleven, agreed to let him take a rest of eleven in Chongqing." Chen Jing said. Each other did not complain only distressed Zhou told reporters that he had no intention of going to eleven of the original, it is good to stay in Chongqing"相关的主题文章: