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The implementation of a new round of rural power grid upgrading stocks         Sina tips: This is a stock review section, only personal views and analysis of the securities consultation on related stocks or sectors, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate at your own risk. For all the accurate information about the stock, please take the announcement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the standard. Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in February 3rd by Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to implement a new round of rural power grid upgrading projects, to make up the short board, structural adjustment and promote steady growth, improve people’s livelihood. The meeting pointed out that with the promotion of new urbanization, agricultural modernization and the relocation of poverty, the implementation of a new round of rural power grid upgrading, can improve the production and living conditions in rural areas, to stimulate effective investment and consumption, development of related industries, is an important measure of yijuduode. The meeting decided that the first is to speed up the transformation and upgrading of rural power grids in the western and poor areas, focusing on the contiguous poverty-stricken areas and the old revolutionary base areas, focusing on solving the problems such as the voltage is not up to standard and the power and electricity are not allowed to be solved. Increasing the capacity to accept distributed new energy generation. Two is to combine high standards of farmland construction and promotion of agricultural water-saving irrigation, etc., to promote the full coverage of power consumption in plain village power wells. Docking agricultural products processing, rural electricity supplier development, farmers consumption upgrade new needs, increase the central village power grid transformation efforts. Three is to carry out Tibet, Xinjiang and Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu, Qinghai, four provinces Tibetan rural network construction, focusing on speeding up the process of the county network interconnection. It is estimated that the total investment will be above 700 billion yuan. On the basis of arranging the investment in the central budget, we should broaden the financing channels with the reform of the electric power system, and attract the social capital with the commercial mechanism to participate in the construction and transformation of the rural power network. Market participants said that the transformation and upgrading of China’s rural power grid is imminent, therefore, industrial policy is also vigorously support, in this context, the A stock market related investment targets worthy of attention. In the industry chain investment opportunities, China Merchants Securities said that the downstream of the distribution network is mainly low voltage equipment enterprises, covering meter, low-voltage switch, transformer, protection and monitoring systems and other subsystems. Due to many participants in low voltage equipment enterprises, the elasticity difference of each link in investment stimulation may be relatively large. Specifically, low-voltage switches, protection and monitoring enterprises may benefit relatively obvious, distribution automation enterprises will also benefit, while the components enterprises usher in another opportunity for localization. Recommendation: Sifang, XJ electric, electric, Heng Hua Technology (distribution information), Changyuan group, Acer shares (low voltage components and power supply), CHINT electric appliances (low voltage components), Beijing CREE.   go into Sina Finance shares 实施新一轮农村电网改造升级工程 概念股     新浪提示:本文属于个股点评栏目,仅为证券咨询人士对相关个股或板块的个人观点和分析,并非正式的新闻报道,新浪不保证其真实性和客观性,投资者据此操作,风险自担。一切有关该股的准确信息,请以沪深交易所的公告为准。 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   国务院总理李克强2月3日主持召开国务院常务会议,决定实施新一轮农村电网改造升级工程,以补短板、调结构促稳增长、惠民生。   会议指出,结合推进新型城镇化、农业现代化和扶贫搬迁等,实施新一轮农村电网改造升级工程,可以改善农村生产生活条件、带动相关产业发展、拉动有效投资和消费,是一举多得的重要举措。会议决定,一是加快西部及贫困地区农网改造升级,以集中连片特困地区、革命老区等为重点,着力解决电压不达标、不通动力电等问题。提高接纳分布式新能源发电的能力。二是结合高标准农田建设和推广农业节水灌溉等,推动平原村机井用电全覆盖。对接农产品加工、农村电商发展、农民消费升级的新需求,加大中心村电网改造力度。三是开展西藏、新疆及四川、云南、甘肃、青海四省藏区农网建设攻坚,集中力量加快孤网县城的联网进程。实施上述工程,预计总投资7000亿元以上。要在继续安排中央预算内投资的基础上,结合电力体制改革拓宽融资渠道,用商业机制吸引社会资本参与农网建设改造。   市场人士表示,我国农村电网改造升级迫在眉睫,因此,产业政策也是大力扶持,在此背景下,A股市场中相关投资标的值得关注。   在产业链投资机会方面,招商证券表示,配电网下游主要为低压装备企业,涵盖表计、低压开关、变压器、保护与监控系统等子系统。由于低压装备企业参与者众多,各环节在投资刺激下弹性差异可能比较大。具体来看,低压开关、保护与监控企业可能相对受益较明显,配网自动化企业也将受益,而元器件企业迎来又一次国产化机会。推荐:四方股份、许继电气、思源电气、恒华科技(配电信息化)、长园集团、宏发股份(低压元器件与电力成套)、正泰电器(低压元器件)、北京科锐。   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: