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Debt-Consolidation Whether in the cockpit, the driver’s seat, or inspecting line workers in a manufacturing building, one of the most difficult tasks is maintaining the same level of performance from day to day. In all of these professions, the safety of customers, professionals, and the general public are at stake on a daily basis. As such, maintaining job performance is critical to success. However, individual workers also need to consider improving their job performance, skills, and goals as they go along in order to become stronger professionals. There are several ways in which professionals in the airline, railway, and safety and health industries can improve their performance to stay ahead of the competition. In the airline industry, one of the best ways to improve job performance is to maintain a checklist of duties and responsibilities. This checklist can cover daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that need to be completed in order to fulfill job obligations. For example, if an airline requires additional flight hours or regular meetings amongst flight crews, a professional can make this part of their checklist. One of the best ways to customize the process, however, is to create a grading system to assess your performance. A pilot can give himself a numerical value if he went above and beyond to get his job done and provide top notch service on his daily flights. In this way, there is a realization of both the tasks at hand and the level of performance given. On the railways, professionals can improve their job performance by requesting evaluations and assessments from colleagues and superiors. A train driver can request the train guard’s help in evaluating his performance on daily routes, whether it is a list of comments or a certain value assigned to performance level. The use of colleague-driven evaluation, initiated by professionals and not management, is useful in showing initiative and receiving feedback from coworkers who are exposed to your work daily. Safety and health professionals are evaluated constantly by their superiors because of the importance of their jobs. These professionals can improve their job performance on a daily basis by setting a variety of goals. Daily goals can include reviewing documents more thoroughly, filling out paperwork in a timely manner, and improving relations with managers at inspection sites. Goals can be created on different levels, allowing professionals who achieve their main goals early to proceed onto goals that are not as crucial to job performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: