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when parts of the country was shrouded in haze, suddenly found the ticket into Sanya are beginning to burst table, suddenly saw the usual several hundred dollars, into thousands of pieces, so that too many people have flocked to Sanya to hide haze.

many people came here very enjoy sunshine beach, clean air and no haze days is enough, you can go to the East China Sea Sun, sunrise, enjoy the leisure time.

the sunset to the Gulf of Sanya, watching the sunset glow of beauty, no care is not a sunset red, only care about the moment at the seaside walk, the wave foot feeling.

there are a lot of people will feel sleepy after a few days, and the more sleep the more fragrant, in fact from thin air or oxygen is not enough place here, these are very normal, but there are also some can not be ignored.

For example,

taste: white gourd conch soup, it is known as the "Hainan first soup", whether local or foreign tourists, on the table, it is a must to drink soup. There are many white gourd conch soup, protein and amino acids, carbohydrates, can enhance the body’s immune function.


Yunnan "Materia Medica": "melon Runfei cough, eliminating phlegm heat, phlegm roar, asthma." Therefore, especially in the summer wind heat cough and lung heat cough, sputum yellow Chouzhi, food is the most suitable. In addition, melon seeds and sweet cool, can lungs and phlegm heat, phlegm heat cough is the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine commonly used goods.

soup and other delicacy will inevitably encounter, such as seafood, this is many people on the occasion, the price fluctuations, but it is also the most delicious seafood, so I want to meet you and delicacy, have to say there are so few.

to go to the market because of the season, so many people, if you choose to eat, go to breakfast, when buying seafood in the first market, can also recommend Sichuan Mao brother seafood shop staff take you, it can make me the latest price, is not easy to quejinduanliang.

or go before, you can first understand the price situation, every day in the Sanya municipal government related websites have published seafood prices, as a reference is an essential lesson.

After buying

processing is required for processing the delicious and cheap, the wrong will appear naturally unpleasant.

recommend the first market Xinmin Street, Sichuan, No. 123 Mao seafood restaurant, this shop open shop for a long time, the customer care, as the front said, to understand;