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In court, the defendant refuses to plead guilty, investigators face the court, identify drug traffickers, public prosecutors connected "change face" witness. Washington (reporter correspondent Lin Huijie Wang Tian Tian Jia Liu) yesterday morning, in the face of the defendant refused to plead guilty, in the trial, investigators face to appear, show the important evidence to prove that the defendant is drug trafficking, Wuchang District People’s court sentenced the defendant Moumou crime of illegal possession of drugs. In June 16, 2016 12, Wu Moumou in Wuchang area near the Ginza Gate Bridge jade palace was arrested by police, police from Wu Moumou carry backpack seized two drugs, nearly 200 grams. In September 12th, the people’s Procuratorate of Wuchang District prosecuted Wu Moumou for the crime of illegal possession of drugs. But in the course of the trial, Wu Moumou has never made a guilty statement, refused to plead guilty. In yesterday morning’s trial, the public prosecution organ applied for two witnesses to appear in court. In order to protect the witness, a witness to testify in court, another member of the identity of the witness investigation will take the form of remote video testimony, and the image and sound processing by means of technology. The case of the trial judge judge Yin said that the public security personnel collected has an important influence on the conviction and sentencing evidence handling, "face" to ensure that these can show important evidence in the trial, but also can protect the identity of witnesses and security. The court of review, Wuchang district court sentenced Wu Moumou guilty of the crime of illegal possession of drugs, sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, deprived of political rights for 2 years and fined 50 thousand. Wu Moumou did not appeal in court. The city’s Department of Public Security Bureau criminal trial court backbone, Wuchang District Committee, district procuratorate and the district responsible person and business backbone of hundreds of people watch the whole trial. The trial of this case has made a bold exploration of the rules of witness appearing in court, the rules of court meeting before the court and the procedure of sentencing in court.

法庭上被告人拒不认罪 侦查员变脸出庭指认毒贩 公诉机关连线“变脸”证人。   本报讯(记者林慧婕 通讯员刘嘉 王田甜)昨天上午,面对拒不认罪的被告人,在庭审时,侦查员“变脸”出庭,出示了重要证据,证明被告人确有贩毒行为,武昌区人民法院当庭宣判被告人吴某某犯非法持有毒品罪。   2016年6月16日12点多,吴某某在武昌区积玉桥汉宫银座大门附近被公安民警当场抓获,民警从吴某某随身携带的背包内缴获两种毒品,近200克。9月12日,武昌区人民检察院以吴某某涉嫌非法持有毒品罪提起公诉。   但是在审讯过程中,吴某某从来没有做过有罪供述,拒不认罪。   在昨天上午的庭审中,公诉机关申请了两名证人出庭。为了保护证人,一名证人当庭作证,另一名侦查员身份的证人则采取远程视频的形式作证,并通过技术手段对其图像、声音进行处理。   该案的主审法官殷法官表示,公安人员办案时搜集了对案件的定罪量刑有重要影响的证据,“变脸”出庭可以保证这些重要证据在庭审时展示出来,又可以保护证人的身份和安全。经合议庭评议,武昌区法院当庭宣判吴某某犯非法持有毒品罪,判处有期徒刑11年,剥夺政治权利2年,并处罚金5万。吴某某当庭没有提出上诉。   全市法院刑事审判业务骨干、武昌区政法委、区检察院及区公安局部门负责人及业务骨干百余人全程观摩庭审活动。此案的审理,对证人出庭规则、庭前会议规则、当庭宣判程序进行了大胆探索。相关的主题文章: