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Install the plug-in software mobile phone game can win? Secret: is a gimmick (Figure) – Beijing, the so-called "mobile phone mahjong cheating online search a lot. Smart phones are becoming increasingly popular, more convenient way to pay, a cross regional, cross time, cross class mobile phone card wind blowing more fierce. The office, home, and even the bathroom, whether it is a friend, colleague, or strange friends, can be together, to a chess battle (West China Metropolis Daily reported on October 27th). Some people told reporters that mobile phone game actually has a great risk, imperceptibly lost a lot of money, "and heard of a chess game cheating plug-in, which makes the brand the friends is worried". In this regard, the game design industry said that the game plug-in does exist in the network, but more plug-in software is to plug a lot of exaggeration, under the guise of deceptive money, and whether there is intrusion software game cheating, with the game itself design quality of a great relationship". I doubt the mobile phone cards losing were calculated? Recently, a lot of chess enthusiasts in the mobile phone more than a class of software icons: different styles of animation woman, in a variety of colorful background, or hand mahjong, or pinch poker. Click on the icon to enter the virtual "mahjong rooms", then click on the different types of gameplay, it will be the traditional game "into" the mobile phone screen. In the traditional chess game, players are most afraid of meeting "cheat", see the stolen card, card, card, do we know. Recently, playing mobile phone chess game began to worry about Ms. Lee, such a ruthless role also channeling into the online game. "Pro, are you free? Some Bureau mahjong?" On the afternoon of October 27th, Ms. Lee’s "Friends of WeChat group", someone sent an invitation. In a short while, there are four friends from a chess game platform to enter, began a fierce battle. Ms. Lee has armistice week, because the last time to play, she lost a few thousand dollars, and then, she saw on the Internet related to the card game cheat plug-in posts, there are doubts. Encounter to buy plug-in software users cheated 266 yuan Ms. Lee said, I heard that the plug-in are very subtle, in a room playing cards can not detect users. Recently, a chess game also issued a notice that found hanging can report, verification of the true reward informants 500 thousand. In this regard, the netizen "sugar garden _er" message said, "although I lost, but I don’t believe in hanging". "Pear spring" said, "I played two months, lost more than 1 thousand. Maybe there’s a plug in it." The ancient city of young LT, said he purchased the plug-in software, do not want to be cheated 266 yuan. In October this year, he contacted an external vendor, the other told, download a cheat device, you can use half a year. By setting, choose their own type of mahjong, and then through the plug-in settings, to uniform, the thirteen orphans and seven small cards and all kinds of equivalence effect. Although the other "very lively", but he still doubts, "can take effect?" Get the other side of the affirmative reply, doubt a step by step after being dismissed, he paid 266 by WeChat?相关的主题文章: