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Legal As a judge in Dallas for 10 years, and a criminal defense lawyer of The Wade Law Firm since 2007, Henry Wade has met hundreds of individuals charged with varying crimes. In the case of insurance fraud, Wade explains, the individual .mitting the forgery is looking to gain a large sum of money that he has neither worked for nor deserved. Making up stories is usually reserved to the under-10 age group. Contrived tales of princesses, witches and monsters that are full of outlandish details and occurrences, meant to captivate, and perhaps trick, the audience. But what happens when this story telling extends beyond elementary school years and into adulthood? Castles and caves are replaced with car accidents and fires. And now, instead of hoping for attention, the end goal is money. Sometimes, this is an individual acting on his own, developing an elaborate story that details an event that never occurred in the hopes of getting an insurance .pany to .pensate him. Other times, bigger groups work together to create large scale frauds like car wrecks or staged deaths. Instances of health insurance fraud, car insurance fraud and home insurance fraud are quickly on the rise. Fortunately, each state has a fraud hotline. If you suspect that someone is .mitting forgery, you can report insurance fraud anonymously. Here are examples of insurance fraud: 1.After a fire, claiming you lost expensive possessions that you actually never owned. 2.After a car accident, causing more damage to your vehicle so that, when it is brought in for repair estimations, the damage exceeds what really resulted from the accident. 3.Taking a large amount of life insurance out on a person, and then forging a death certificate to claim the money. 4.False vehicle theft, or making arrangements to have your vehicle stolen and then returned to you after you receive a check from the insurance .pany. 5.Setting a fire in your home, and then making the claim that it was accidental so that you can be reimbursed for the cost of repairs. 6.A doctors office orders unnecessary tests for patients that are never actually performed. But, since the doctors office and the patients insurance .pany are rarely in .munication, the insurance .pany pays for the test anyway. 7.Faking a painful injury to be considered for disability insurance. This means you get benefits and payments without having to work. 8.Collecting unemployment benefits while continuing to work. 9.Exaggerating on a genuine claim of damage done to your home in order to collect more money from the homeowners insurance policy. It is in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney if you find out that you are being investigated by an insurance .pany for fraud, or the police. Insurance fraud can be prosecuted on both civil and criminal levels, which could result in costly fines and jail time if you are convicted. Hiring the right attorney can give you guidance on what you should do next. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: