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"The Silk Road International TV cooperation community" was established in Beijing – Beijing Beijing in August 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) by China CCTV, China International Television Corp sponsored, China Radio Film and TV Trade Center hosted the International Silk Road TV cooperation body established ceremony forum "held in Beijing 26 days, nearly two hundred from 78 media and production organizations in 50 countries and regions overseas guests. Chinese CCTV, China International Television Corp in early May this year in Arabia radio and Television Festival launched international cooperation Silk Road community television, this is the world’s first "Silk Road" as a link, for the whole of the international media television media alliance. The community has invited "The Belt and Road along the country’s institutions, TV production companies, video sites, social media participation, from the programming, to build channel market operation and business integration, expand all-round cooperation, work together to build an open, equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation platform of regional international film and television. Deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, the child just said in his speech, "" peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win "spirit of the silk road passing the torch, to promote the progress of human civilization, has become an important link to promote national prosperity and development along, has become the world common historical and cultural heritage." He also told the media at home and abroad the mechanism put forward three proposals, one is doing interconnection practitioner, two silk road is the narrator of the story, the three is the beneficiaries of win-win cooperation." China International Television Corp chairman, President Xue Jijun said that the development of international cooperation in the Silk Road community TV will be divided into early, middle and late three stages. At the beginning of "program exchange" as the key to the middle "in cooperation, program exchange between members as the focus of the work, to develop the commercial operation period, the channel as the core content, the long-term outlook" the formation of voluntary participation of community members of the media company, with the industrial development fund, to create cross media, cross regional media industry chain, to enhance the international influence, to create a community member brand, promote cultural integration and development as the main direction." Vice Minister of the Russian Ministry of communications and mass media Wolin on the international cooperation of community television congratulate the establishment of the silk road. He said that the Russian and Chinese people have a deep origin and friendship, very happy to see the development of win-win cooperation between the two sides, I believe that the establishment and development of the community will give both sides and neighboring countries to bring more opportunity for mutual understanding, hope to create a bright future together with china. According to reports, there are 29 continents from five countries and regions of the 41 media and production institutions to join the community. Community business model will include program broadcast, program trading, international co production, channel management, information sharing and so on. At present, the community has set up the program broadcast mechanism, first broadcast month will start in October this year, the China International Television Corp issued "on the tip of the tongue 2", "super China Engineering", "technology" and other 10 programs will serve as the premiere TV show, in more than and 20 countries and electrical network media broadcast synchronization. (end)相关的主题文章: