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Jinhua boss couples clearly rich but run away by the police to recover the debt at 3 yesterday afternoon, Jinhua police held a news conference, informed the relevant circumstances against malicious taofeizhai and the results of the special action. Among them, the police revealed for the first time after the Jinhua Hotel Credo Co. Ltd. shareholders Sheng Bing and Wu Yaling lost contact with the news, and said that due to the two suspected malicious taofeizhai, October 27th, Sheng Bing couple has been Wucheng District Procuratorate approved the arrest according to law. The boss threw a couple of cases: mobile phone, fled to Fujian, the so-called malicious taofeizhai, plainly, refers to the debtor there subjective intent, it has the ability to perform and not try to fulfill the debt. The debtor, the bank not only headache, people also hate. In August 30th this year, Jinhua City Public Security Bureau Branch Bureau received a report from the masses, Jinhua city Hotel Credo Co. Ltd. shareholders Sheng Bing (male, 39 years old, Jinhua city Wucheng District), Wu Yaling (female, 40 years old, Jinhua city Wucheng District) without the consent of other shareholders of the company, the company under the Jinhua Jun Yue Hotel, Jinhua Junlan Hotel equity without changing others, suspected embezzlement of more than 4000 yuan, arrears of more than 800, and involved in private lending over billion yuan, owed huge bank loans. After preliminary investigation, since 2011, Sheng Bing couple in its own case of insufficient funds through bank loans, private lending, in the purchase of investment in the development of hotels, dressing rooms, hotel contracting projects, one in Longyou, Jinhua City, the establishment of investment Hotel, KTV and other projects. Since 2016, although the hotel industry to maintain profitability, but the company’s overall operation is unable to repay bank loans and to pay high interest rates on private loans. In August 30th, in order to avoid the huge bank loans and private lending debt, Sheng Bing couples take unauthorized transfer of equity and withdraw funds etc., misappropriate company assets and absconded with money. Before fleeing, they have their own bank card and mobile phone all away, open their car in the name of travel to Fujian, Nanping and other places, eventually fled to Fujian Jinjiang concealed. Sheng Bing couple fled, caused strong repercussions in the community, the principal leaders of Jinhua municipal Party committee, municipal government has made important instructions, Jinhua City Public Security Bureau immediately launched a major economic crime fighting cooperation mechanism. The ad hoc group was removed Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi Road, Fujian and other four provinces, in September 23rd Fujian will be hiding in a residential apartment in Jinjiang Sheng Bing couple arrested. Data: 273 people arrested malicious taofeizhai Sheng Bing example is one of the results of the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau to combat malicious taofeizhai special rectification actions. Malicious evasion of financial institutions debt, seriously disrupting social order and social credit system of financial credit. At the beginning of this year, the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out the deployment of special rectification action against malicious taofeizhai, as of now, the city’s public security organs Kyoritu taofeizhai case 183, cracked 145 cases, arrested 273 suspects, the economic losses of nearly 600 million yuan. In a heavy blow at the same time, for some luck, follow down business owners, take the form of interviews, interpretation and reasoning. As of now, Jinhua city public security organs has interviewed 225 companies. After the interview, some business owners take the initiative to the bank consultation, some enterprises agree.相关的主题文章: