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"July" new MV exposure surgeon Peter Chan Dou Jingtong photographed by Peter Chan Xu Yuezhen, Sina entertainment news producer, directed by Dongyu Zhou Derek Tsang [micro-blog], [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and she" will be screened in the country in September 14th autumn files. Recently, the film side of the film created by Dou Jingtong theme song (It ‘s a crime’ It ‘s what we do, the new version of MV) just. The difference between the September 2nd release of the film version of the MV, the MV Dou Jingtong perspective. Director Peter Chan personally directed, for Dou Jingtong’s screen debut music escort. Dreamlike, Dou Jingtong way to search for the real self new on-line theme song MV is more show understanding — on Dou Jingtong and Peter Chan under the lens of song black-and-white clip, Dou Jingtong clever collocation style, to create a sense of nothingness and misty dream. In the picture, Dou Jingtong was removed in the room, the streets, the wilderness, tunnel, volcano, abandoned factories in the black circle that look all the way, can’t tell the dream and the real world, perhaps — "as Dou Jingtong himself said do not want to completely according to the life of this line to go to, want to experience a variety of life, walk to find the most authentic self." This is the Peter Chan lens (It ‘s not a’ It ‘s what we do), but also his understanding of Dou Jingtong, just. In the face of the Peter Chan question, do you think you are "and still" in July and "peace" or "July", Jingtong bluntly himself like "sinus peace" as "July" — "but I’m not going to do chaos in July and still want to do, but take the initiative to choose July or be safe." With the film "peace" and "July", two people walk on the road of growing up, until I met your best, perhaps this is also the expectation of sinus Jing shin. Brief encounter, Peter Chan personally directed the MV writing "in July and she" moved by the film adaptation of the Qing Shan (baby Anne) novel of the same name, tells the story of "peace" and "July" the two girls from the age of 13 met began, more than ten years of growth story. Dou Jingtong in the two film, moved to the friendship between the hero story, the first screen vocals, wrote and sang the theme song of the movie "(" It s not a crime It s just) "what we do", which is the movie character and emotion perception, is telling and vent their feelings the. But this kind of real deep emotion also deeply touched Peter Chan, then personally directed by Dou Jingtong MV, with the lens screen expression of personal moved. Before the interview, Peter Chan generous appreciation of Dou Jingtong, praised her for the movie "in July and still" understanding "is totally beyond their expectations". Perhaps from that period, personally to Dou Jingtong’s theme song shooting a MV idea has been formed in the minds of Peter Chan. In two of the cross talks, Peter Chan said, heard at the beginning)相关的主题文章: