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Korean media: Chinese enterprises wages 9 times to dig talent South Korea Korean media: Korea Chinese welcome talents into high paying dug "Korean farmer" South Korea "East Asia daily" February 2nd article, the original title: "to Chinese farmer" and "1-9-5", China company are from Korea semiconductor companies to poach talent at the time of treatment is 9 times the current annual salary guarantee 5 years. The person with low qualification will give "1-5-3" treatment, that is, the current annual salary of 5 times, guarantee 3 years. In addition, high grade housing and vehicles are provided and subsidized for their children’s expensive international schools. China’s way of attracting talent is indeed continental. Last month, I went to China for an interview. Although the GDP growth rate has entered the "6" era and triggered a "hard landing" concerns, but Beijing, Shanghai and other cities of the pace of development is still people feel "light is generally fast."". The confidence of China’s rapid economic development comes from "people"". In addition to the huge population base of 1 billion 400 million, the Chinese attitude towards attracting talented people and giving preferential treatment to talents is more attractive. At present, many Chinese like to buy Korean cosmetics. In this context, a lot of Chinese cosmetics enterprises competing to Korea cosmetics company R & D personnel under the command, leading to almost all well-known cosmetics companies in China’s R & D department, you can see the Korean figure. In the local interview to a relevant personage said, the Korean cosmetics industry is now popular saying: "retirees 100% will come to China.". As long as South Korea is ahead of China in technology, China welcomes the influx of Korean talent. For example, with the Korean red ginseng has attracted more and more Chinese favored a China company not only imported from South Korea ginseng seeds and the earth will also cultivated ginseng Korean farmer to poach. In addition, Chinese enterprises in food, beauty, plastic, building, kitchen supplies and other fields have many experts and talents dug from South korea. At the same time, there’s Korean technology. According to the analysis of the Korean bank, in the semiconductor industry as an example, in 2008 the gap between China and South Korea reached 3.5 years, but in 2014 shortened to 1.8 years. After the signing of FTA, trade and investment between the two countries are expected to increase further, and the South Korean government is looking forward to boosting the economy through the move. But what can not be forgotten is that many excellent Korean talents are constantly flowing to China with the rising tide of trade between China and korea. (author Shen Minqi, Jin Huizhen Translated) editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

韩媒:有中国企业9倍工资挖韩国人才   原标题:韩媒:中国欢迎韩国人才的流入 高薪挖“韩国农夫”   韩国《东亚日报》2月2日文章,原题:“去中国的农夫” “1-9-5”,中国公司从韩国半导体企业挖走人才时给出的待遇是:目前年薪的9倍保证5年。资历稍微低的人才则给出“1-5-3”待遇,即目前年薪的5倍保证3年。此外,还提供高档住宅和车辆,并资助其子女上学费高昂的国际学校。中国吸引人才的方式确实有大陆气度。   上月,笔者为采访去了趟中国。虽然GDP增长率已进入“6”时代并引发“硬着陆”的担忧,但北京、上海等城市的发展速度仍让人觉得“光一般飞速”。中国经济飞速发展的底气来自于“人”。除了14亿人口的庞大基数外,争先恐后吸引人才、优待人才的中国态度更为引人关注。   目前,很多中国人喜欢买韩国化妆品。在这种背景下,不少中国化妆品企业争相将韩国化妆品公司的研发人员招至麾下,导致几乎所有中国知名化妆品公司的研发部门里,都能看到韩国人的身影。在当地采访到的一名相关人士称,韩国化妆品行业现在流行一句话: 退休人员100%都会来中国。   只要是韩国技术领先于中国的领域,中国都欢迎韩国人才的流入。例如,随着韩国红参越来越受到中国人的青睐,一家中国公司不仅从韩国进口人参种子和培土,还将栽培人参的韩国农夫也一同挖走。   除此之外,食品、美容、整形、建筑、厨房用品等多个领域的中国企业,均有不少从韩国挖来的专家和人才。同时挖来的,还有韩国技术。据韩国银行分析,以半导 体产业为例,2008年中韩技术差距达3.5年,但到了2014年缩短为1.8年。韩中签订FTA后,两国贸易与投资有望进一步增加,韩国政府也期待通过 此举来提振韩国经济。但不能忘记的是,很多韩国优秀的人才随着日益高涨的韩中贸易的大浪潮,正不断流向中国。(作者申珉琪,金惠真译) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: