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Business Many global .panies though they have the expertise are hesitant to go into new markets due to constraints such as getting efficient man power, local government rules and tariffs, corruption, bribes and most importantly language limitations. language limitations while it may seem challenging can be easily dealt with if you have the services of a language services .pany. These .panies help in translating your work documents, manuals, web content, newsletters, circulars and more from the native language of your business to the language where your .pany has established its operations. How is localization related to Language Services? The connection may seem obvious, but there are certain aspects of localization that you must not overlook. Many countries are sensitive about proper use of their language. Even if the person understands English, he or she may not like to be imposed with the language. Apart from effectively .municating with internal and external clients in a foreign country, using the local language also assures the other person that you care about them and their local culture. For example, in French Canada, using French for business rather than English will give you a definite advantage. You will establish an informal and .fortable work environment if you use the local language. Most professional language services .panies have intricate understanding of the local nuances and sensitivities, and therefore, you do not risk hurting the sentiments or conveying the wrong message by using a simple translation service instead of a professional .pany. Software Localization and its Relevance An aspect of localization that is overlooked by many .panies, software localization is key to the success or failure of many businesses. A case in point is how .panies such as Microsoft have effectively localized their software packages from US English to UK English or Indian English to ensure that the user does not get confused with terminologies or spellings that are not locally used. Other aspects such as understanding of locally used hot keys and short cuts, OS testing on a native platform, executables and help files that need to be re.piled or rewritten are all critical to the successful implementation of a software program in an international market. Professional Language Services When you run a translation service through a software package, there is a risk of conveying an incorrect meaning or in some cases offending the other party through incorrect usage. A professional language services .pany will have many years of dealing with a local market. For example, the Portuguese used in Portugal will be different from the Portuguese used in Brazil. Translation software may not identify these differences properly. However, when you employ a professional .anization, they will know the local usage well apart from offering other services such as software localization. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: