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Liaoning will be a progressive retirement age to reduce provident fund deposit ratio Department: delay retirement programs or introduced this year in order to reduce the cost of the real economy enterprises, reduce the burden on enterprises, our province will adopt comprehensive implementation of progressive retirement age etc.. The provincial government recently issued the "cost work plan" to reduce the real economy enterprises in Liaoning Province, put forward 3 years to the comprehensive cost of the real economy enterprises reasonable decline, including taxes, financing costs, institutional transaction cost, labor cost, energy cost, logistics cost etc.. Phased reduction in the proportion of housing provident fund deposit to May 1, 2018 from May 1, 2016 to May 1, 2018, the province will reduce the proportion of housing provident fund deposit. For the provident fund deposit ratio is higher than 12% shall be regulated, shall not exceed 12%; production and operation of enterprises in difficulty in reducing the proportion of deposit, can also apply for payment of housing provident fund benefits, to be improved after the recovery and increase the proportion of deposit or deposit back over the housing provident fund. Program clear, the company will strictly enforce the unemployment insurance premium rate fell from 2% to 1%, the individual contribution rate decreased from 1% to 0.5% of the policy. To take effective measures not layoffs, fewer layoffs, stable employment of enterprises, according to the enterprise and its employees last year to pay 50% of the total amount of unemployment insurance premiums to give stable subsidies. Program clear, comprehensive implementation of progressive retirement age, to carry out fund investment operations and the transfer of some state-owned capital to social security funds, and support the country through the auction, rental of government public resource assets and other ways to raise funds, to create conditions for enterprises to reduce the proportion of the payment of social security. To determine the minimum wage adjustment guidance throughout the amplitude and frequency of the minimum wage adjustment mechanism, overall capacity of the enterprise and protecting workers’ minimum remuneration for labor rights, to guide the country to rationally determine the minimum wage adjustment and frequency adjustment. Speed up the reform of the electric power system, reduce the cost of electricity. In reducing the logistics cost of enterprises, to encourage the sharing of resources between enterprises, improve the real load rate of transport vehicles to promote the development of non car carrier business. Resolutely investigate and deal with various charges Highway vehicle rescue service behavior in the standard vehicle overrun the standard of punishment, reduce discretion of law enforcement, and resolutely put an end to fines, "punishment escrow" behavior. A comprehensive clean-up of airports, railway, port management fees, in addition to the provisions of laws and regulations to prohibit specified projects, management, mandatory service, forced charges, forced to clean out of Hong Kong (field) unreasonable fees charged by the enterprise and the local government set up unreasonable charges involving railway. Camp changed to increase the pilot expanded to the life of the service industry in our province to expand the scope of the pilot to expand the scope of the construction industry, real estate, finance, life services. Expand the scope of administrative fees, standardize charges related enterprises. Investigate and clean up a variety of administrative functions linked with no legal basis for intermediary service charges. Stop levies charges, and resolutely ban illegal charges. Cancellation of a number of government funds to reduce the scope of small and micro enterprises exempt. To expand the scope of exemption from education surcharge, local education surcharge, water conservancy construction fund. In lower.相关的主题文章: