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Licensed "flying sword" App  Store to pay the top six, game original title: "flying sword" licensed App Store to pay the top six endorsement by Vincent Chiao, "Li flying" TV series licensed real-time combat Mobile Games "flying sword" on September 10th officially landed App Store pay list. This message is a moment in the game player fans set off a craze. The day before, "flying sword" has been featured on App Store sixth, to obtain such a result is due to the enthusiasm and support of the game player, because you will have a better "flying sword" flying sword! "" just on the line soon to have such achievements that many people still have a heart don’t destroy the martial arts dream, "Li flying" of the classic film and television works to bring not only the characters between love and hate, is a unique charm and moving rivers and lakes. The pure world of martial arts style, thousands of "flying sword" to create a pure martial arts world, no modern scripts are not the legendary big breasted girl, just classic TV Original content. Players in the process of playing the game is a strong argument from the martial arts arena as well as the beautiful scenery of the lake, is the real charm of the martial arts features. In the game, game player can go along the line to fight geochilmaru as the ultimate goal, starting from a copy of the story based on the scenario of challenges and the revitalization of palace. Along with the rising level of game player, the knight culture system also gradually open, team fighting promotion means that the game player can further challenge PVP, for the first martial arts ~ "flying sword" in the battle line is very perfect, from the UI interface, it can be seen the article wide picture. The meaning of combat is not by brute force confrontation, with wisdom and strength is really strong war. In the game battle mode is also can reflect the creative skills, moves gorgeous, walk about, definitely can satisfy all the imagination of the hegemony of the martial arts game player. While indulging in the story of the game player can walk on leisure routes, do a hermit like. The heart of the fighting for the pursuit of the goal, but follow the emotional line, another way to review the characters of the emotional entanglements. Familiar with the story by the way the game reflects the flavor, when once entangled, regret, sigh that a section of love again in the eyes, once the spectators with today’s game player coincide, and whether you have the courage to personal interpretation that you already know the outcome? Different lines, different the scenery, different lakes, different charm. "Flying sword" fun is not single, you can choose different have different scenery, enjoy the fun of this trip is not negative multiple arena! IOS platform on welfare to send non-stop in order to let the game player can have a better experience in the game, "flying sword" in the game set up multiple absolute welfare, intimate friends, let the knight make a living away from home have more power and strength to grow, let your fund game life guarantee. Players in the game to buy "Growth Fund" will be the most valuable return of the most相关的主题文章: