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Lippi’s declaration: the 12 race China football progress strive to qualify for the afternoon of October 28th Beijing time, Chinese Football Association official held a news conference in Beijing, the new national team coach Lippi and his coaching staff members formally met with the outside world. This also means that the national foot into the Lippi era". Very happy to return to return to the Chinese Chinese, Lippi in a good mood, from the beginning into the hall, his face still hung with a faint smile, and Lippi’s speech also confirmed his good mood: "very happy to be back again Chinese. As we all know, before signing with the Chinese Football Association, I also signed a coach with Hengda contract, but after I received the invitation of the Football Association, after various efforts, and finally I became a national coach. In China, both I and my coaching staff, all of us have always felt the support and respect, I hope you can always support us." In addition to Lippi, the national team also officially unveiled a new team: Gaudino, Fabregas, maddaloni, Rampulla, Curtis, Li Tie, Kang Bing and another fitness coach Lippi team composition. According to the chairman of the Football Association Cai Zhenhua, football association has a whole consideration for Lippi’s time, according to the association’s plan, first by the end of January 2019, at the same time, in consideration of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Football Association hopes in this period of time, the country can be led by Lippi, step by step to achieve steady improvement. With the constant help "credit card now Orangemen in the twelve race of the prospect is not optimistic, in this regard, Lippi said:" at present the twelve match of four games, although worrisome, but qualifying is not impossible. I do not think there is a big gap between the Chinese team and other national teams, we as a collective, we must form a collective consciousness, help each other on the field, to play their own ability, do not have reservations. If we can work together, will not be afraid to face any team. I would like to tell them, put on the national team jersey, which is the highest honor, they want to take the highest level for the national team to work hard." For the previously rumored naturalization players, Lippi bluntly replied: "nothing at all." The next game against Qatar is imminent, the outside world for the new national team list is also full of curiosity. In this regard, Lippi said: this list has been determined, but the end of the last round of the game, to see if there are injuries, and then the final confirmation of the club. In other countries, there are a lot of great national team recruited six or seven players from the same club, because these players long-term play together, is of great help to the national team are familiar with each other between them. The first game we have to consider the safety and insurance. Based on the above consideration, I will be in this training. Recruit more players to Guangzhou Hengda, Hengda team formed the national team." Mr Cai Zhenhua is answering the conference site, in addition to Lippi’s salary, Cai Zhenhua answered all questions about Chinese football Xuanshuai recently said in his speech: "for confidentiality, I can not disclose specific figures. But you can briefly introduce, in order to hire Lippi, Chinese foot"相关的主题文章: