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Small cross screen battle Youku   to create a comprehensive service of children education and entertainment brand — entertainment channel, October 12th, Alibaba group digital entertainment division to join Youku held in Beijing "as the unbounded, see the future of Alibaba home entertainment Strategy Conference", children’s strategic layout has long been the official release announcement. The press conference, the two children’s strategic level products "small Youku APP", "cool treasure blockbuster debut, achieved by the mobile terminal to share the big screen terminal, so that the quality of children’s mass content of the big screen in the living room as the center, as the starting point of delivery to the user side, so as to create the most comprehensive and Chinese content of children the most authoritative publishing platform. Based on this, little Youku will also provide users with more children’s entertainment education services, open from a single video carrier to high-quality integrated service platform transformation. The massive high-quality content reserve power children’s healthy growth of family experience consumption will become the main consumption of children’s future, "cool treasure" to meet the parents of entertaining, growing up with demand, and all this is based on a huge quality on the basis of the content of children. As a source of "cool treasure" content, Youku APP small current reserves include many of the top children’s animation copyright in the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions, covering more than more than 3000, the content has covered many areas of English songs, stories, etc., including Preschool education, "Thomas and his friends", "police" and other global deformation Perley quality animation IP, satisfy the children’s consumption of just, more accumulated a huge premium entertainment content for the healthy growth of children with education. On the basis of the existing resources, small Youku is still looking for the introduction of high-quality copyright content, while creating exclusive copyright, but also to negotiate the purchase of other high-quality children’s content. Only in October this year, Youku APP will be on the line "little Sean", "little sheep sheep", "animal Timmy brothers", "baby", "graffiti music than long", a big wave of exclusive animation. At the same time, the development of small homemade Youku also committed to high-quality children’s content and CO produced with PGC, efforts will be more like "Peking Opera" cat as rich high-quality original children communicated to the user side, provides the choice may be more entertaining and multi angle. Little October Youku exclusive on-line animation "Sean" little lamb October Youku exclusive on-line animation "little sheep" little Timmy October Youku exclusive on-line animation "animal brothers" platform to create a full range of service brand extension diversification is small, Youku APP in early April 22nd this year has been low-key on-line test operation, since the line, with massive high-quality cartoon the content provided in the mobile terminal and the effective time management service and by the love of parents and children. But as the content provider, high-quality content Youku small children will no longer be confined to the APP mobile terminal single space, but to "cool treasure" into the living room as the carrier began to enter the family, children, provides mental enlightenment, habits, language development, interest develop multiple entertainment education services. It is reported that from the beginning of the cross screen combat相关的主题文章: