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Long road to get rich is the era of inheritance of the spirit of the long march – Net – 1934 years people.com.cn 12 earlier this month, the red army reached Guangxi guilin. Nowadays, the people of Longsheng have been forging ahead with the spirit of the Red Army. In 2015, the total GDP reached 5 billion 660 million yuan, and the per capita net income of farmers was 6637 yuan, with an average annual growth of 14.1%. The country’s impoverished county reduced more than 7000 people in poverty last year. (October 6th people’s Republic of China) from October 1934 to October 1936, where the red army went through the Long March, most of them were high mountains, dense forests and inconvenient transportation, and they became the areas where the economy was underdeveloped and the people’s life was relatively poor. Among the 832 national poor counties, most of them are located in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi, Shaanxi and Gansu where the Red Army once passed. Therefore, it is not only the inheritance of the spirit of the Long March, but also the inevitable requirement of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Turning the long march into a rich road reflects the mission and responsibility of our party. 80 years ago the long road, is a break in the Kuomintang army besieged, triumph over death and the threat of hunger Road, is also a revolutionary propaganda ideal, spread the revolutionary fire road, is a road show and profound feelings. Wherever the red army went, they were warmly welcomed and supported by the local people. The victory of the long march of the Red Army is closely related to the support and support of the broad masses of the people. Therefore, in the way of becoming rich and well-off, mobilizing the resources and power of the whole country to help the masses of the old liberated areas to overcome poverty is not only the purpose of our party, but also our party’s responsibility for the masses in the old liberated areas. Turning the long march into a rich road is the age of the red gene. 80 years ago, twenty-five thousand in the Long March, write the miracle of human history, but also makes the revolutionary ideals higher than days, not afraid of sacrifice, overcome all difficulties, hard work and other red gene into our party and national spirits. Today, our party and the country launched a battle against poverty, which is the history of the creation of the Chinese nation has never been, but also the era of red gene display. For the people of the old liberated areas, not to be overwhelmed by poverty, not to bow to difficulties, hard work, hard struggle, is to inherit the red gene, to accelerate the spiritual power of poverty alleviation. Guangxi Longsheng through the development of characteristic agriculture, build characteristic tourism, strengthen education and poverty alleviation and other measures to strengthen the poor people "hematopoietic" function, reduce the number of poor people more than 7000 a year, is the realistic portrayal of Longsheng people inherit red gene. For more Chinese, passing the red gene, is to actively participate in the human history of poverty with no predecessors to the cause, from the economic, physical, emotional, and other aspects of the concept of poverty and the difficulties of the masses give a full range of investment and form strong social care, eliminate poverty together, the total elimination of poverty of the soil. Winning the war against poverty and turning the former long march into the road to prosperity today is not only the best way to salute the martyrs who have sacrificed the Red Army, but also the best inheritance and development of the spirit of the long march. (Wang Pei, Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor)

长征路变致富路是长征精神的时代传承–河南分网–人民网   1934年12月初,红军到达广西龙胜。如今,龙胜人民秉承红军精神开拓进取,2015年,完成地区生产总值56.6亿元,农民人均纯收入6637元,年均增长14.1%。这个国家级贫困县,去年一年减少贫困人口7000余人。(10月6日 人民网)   1934年10月至1936年10月间红军长征走过的地方,大部分是山高林密、交通不便之地,也成为今天经济欠发达、人民生活相对贫困的地区。在国家确定的832个国家级贫困县中,绝大部分处在云南、贵州、四川、湖南、湖北、广西、陕西、甘肃等当年红军曾经经过的地方。因此,将长征路变成致富路,既是长征精神的时代传承,也是全面建成小康的必然要求。   将长征路变成致富路,体现着我们党的使命和担当。80年前的长征路,既是一条打破国民党军队围追堵截、战胜死亡和饥饿威胁的路,也是一条宣传革命理想、播撒革命火种之路,更是一条展现军民鱼水深情的路。红军所到之处,都受到当地人民群众的衷心欢迎和拥护。红军长征的胜利,与广大人民群众的支持和拥护密不可分。因此,在全民致富奔小康的路上,调动全国的资源和力量助力老区群众的脱贫攻坚,既是我们党的宗旨所决定,也是我们党对老区群众的一种责任担当。   将长征路变成致富路,是红色基因的时代展现。80年前的两万五千里长征,书写了人类历史上的奇迹,也使得革命理想高于天、不怕牺牲、排除万难、艰苦奋斗等红色基因融入了我们党和民族的精神血脉。今天,我们党和国家向贫困发起的攻坚战,就是在创造中华民族从未有过的历史,也是红色基因的时代展现。对于老区人民来说,不被贫困压倒、不向困难低头、勤劳肯干、艰苦奋斗,就是传承红色基因、加快脱贫致富的精神动力。广西龙胜通过发展特色农业、打造特色旅游、加强教育扶贫等增强贫困群众“造血”功能的措施,一年减少贫困人口7000余人,就是龙胜人民传承红色基因的现实写照。   而对于更多的中国人来说,传承红色基因,就是要积极投身于这场人类脱贫史上前无古人的事业中来,从经济的、物质的、情感的,乃至于观念的等各个方面给予贫困地区和困难群众全方位的投入和关爱,形成消灭贫困的强大社会合力,彻底消除贫困的土壤。打赢脱贫攻坚战,将昔日的长征路变成今天的致富路,既是向已经牺牲的红军烈士致敬的最好方式,也是对长征精神的最好传承和发扬。 (责编:王佩、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章: