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Rosewood furniture market in the future can be expected from September 24th to October 5th, the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Seventeenth Party Congress held in Johannesburg, South africa. The conference of the parties will discuss the introduction of the sea, law enforcement, commodity trading, risk determination of comprehensive issues, and aloes, tropical timber (Pterocarpus erinaceus, Thailand acid branch) issues and proposals relating to the revised annex CITES species. Although the seventeenth conference of the parties has not yet announced the results, but the relevant parties had expected will determine the future direction of the mahogany industry, is expected to trigger a new round of market price surge, since this year, mahogany raw materials prices rose, especially in recent months, almost a price of a few days, comparable prices first-tier cities. Specific to the mahogany raw materials at present price? 2013 was CITES induced hot market whether again? Will the finished furniture market rises? Dalbergia species, hedgehog red sandalwood, rosewood. Strengthening the common market regulation mahogany timber species, Dalbergia odorifera, dalbergia wood, red sandalwood hedgehog, some from during the Ming and Qing Dynasties has been well known, and some in recent years as a substitute for wood there. With the strengthening of regulation, many mahogany is also faced with the plight of the availability of wood. It is reported that the species of Dalbergia and sandalwood hedgehog controls may strengthen, Brazil rosewood may enter the appendix two, Southeast Asian rosewood is not in the inner control. It is understood that the mahogany wood proposal includes: proposition fifty-third from Thailand, the legume Dalbergia (also known as Siam rosewood) in Appendix II of footnote 5 annotation delete, footnote 4, except a handful of artificial state organs and tissue culture in vitro, and all forms of this species of derivatives are regulated; proposition fifty-fourth from Mexico, 13 species of Dalbergia Mexico and Central America species included in Appendix two, Calderon, Dalbergia Dalbergia, Galicia densely flowered rosewood, rosewood, rosewood, black flower beside the cut branches, pull them Dalbergia Dalbergia Gallery; proposition fifty-fifth from Argentina, Brazil, melon with Mara (aka Guatemala) and Kenya, all of Dalbergia species included in Appendix two (in addition to the already in appendix a tree outside). Southeast Asian White acid branch Dalbergia oliveri (including Barry as part of the fifty-fifth proposal Dalbergia) may be endangered and control, padauk (Pterocarpus santalinus and bird foot including red sandalwood) there is no proposal protection; proposition fifty-sixth from the EU and Gabon, 3 bubinga (also known as the ancient Yi or your beauty Bao bean) listed in Appendix two, they are Demy bubinga, Pellegrini bubinga and tessmann bubinga, these 3 species of wood, commonly known as China Pakistan flowers; No. fifty-seventh proposals from Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ivory Coast, the European Union, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal and Togo, the hedgehog rosewood is included in the appendix two, but no footnotes. Redwood raw material prices rose significantly with the convening of the seventeenth session of the general assembly, the mahogany industry for the discussion of the raw materials of the mahogany industry have different differentiation. Some people think that a variety of red.相关的主题文章: