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Medina defeat stricker hollowed out for the Ryder Cup competition sports Sohu – increased   Beijing time on September 7th, after the Ryder Cup defeat Medina, American veteran Steve – stricker and therefore from 2012 began to reduce their game plan. Now, it is because of the Ryder Cup, stricker to get busy, increase the stadium arrangements. Stricker originally did not intend to participate in any FedEx Cup playoff goal this year, he had just entered the FedEx Cup before the 125, so that he can participate in the championship and the other players he love game. But we saw the veteran in the Barclays and Deutsche Bank championships. "That’s the only reason I’m here." Stricker revealed over the weekend in TPC Boston, "I want to enter the American Ryder Cup team." Originally stricker felt "advanced in age", but the United States team captain David – Ralph III, assistant captain Tom – Phil – Mikkelsen Lehman, has been encouraging his race. In the second round of the last 2 holes catch birdie, stricker successful promotion in the Barclays tournament. After the last hole to catch the bird, stricker to have tickets to Boston. Originally wanted to go to the playoffs in third, but he was unable to stop because of the last round of the 73 bar. Unable to compete successfully BMW championship, the 49 year old veteran has no way to get the United States team team automatic qualification, and three wild cards to Ralph III will be published Monday. In 2012 Medina stricker score of 0-4, although in the history of the last hole Cuike forward key 10 foot push, but finally Martin Kaymer finished the game, keep the victory for the European team, won the game by 10-6. Although the Ryder Cup is a team game, but is stricker thetlame himself. "Feel the body is hollowed out, especially bitter heart. I didn’t get excited in the game. I did play too much. I want to go home and do something else. I feel I have the responsibility. I played four games, one point did not have to. This is really too painful." Stricker will appear in the Hazeltine as assistant captain, as he in 2014 in Gleneagles to assist Tom Watson. But to see stricker after dark, out of the haze of the Ryder Cup, began to increase competition plan is really fantastic. He played 20 games in 2012, and this year he took part in the 15 game, the year after the year in 2012. "I think I want to play." Shi Cuike said. (peach)相关的主题文章: