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"Meteor shower" to "double" Xiao Han changed from open screen mode – Sohu Sohu Xiao Han entertainment entertainment news by Zu Feng, Xiao Han and Wang Ziwen co starred in the TV series "double", is Jiangsu TV hit. Because of "meteor shower", and "gorgeous white-collar workers", "pretty cool dad mom" and other TV series has attracted wide attention and brought Xiao Han back, her first war Spy Drama "double", the second half of the year will be fully open the screen mode. The release of the performance of the gorgeous transformation of the noble open screen screen mode graduated from the Performing Arts Department of the Shanghai Theater Academy Shaw in the performance of ambitious. In recent years, Xiao Han tried not to make the same type of role, but the selection of a more challenging role. In the Spy Drama "double", Xiao Han has a dual identity as Hong Ling, Zu Feng and Peng Gang played on a complicated love entanglement. From the year’s national sister gorgeous transformation for the strength of the current school actress, Xiao Han in shaping the role has its unique features, but also to bring the public a sense of surprise. It is reported that Xiao Han and Tan Songyun co starred in the TV series "girlfriend" lies not only just fixing, the Devil Wears Prada image in the high cold, Xiao Han is sexy to the audience friends brought infinite sense of expectation. From the "national sister" to "national first love" by the national love in 2009, Xiao Han ushered in a small climax of her acting career. In the hit drama "love of youth together and see the meteor shower", Xiao Han played a corner of Zhang Han’s sister "Murong" clouds, and Wei Chen’s "Shuo Ye" staged a romantic love. With the ratings of the show continue to break the table of the trend, the popularity and attention of the Han Xiao also was also netizens rise directly to a high position, affectionately called the national sister "by many fans. "Gorgeous white-collar workers", "mother", "pretty cool Dad met the love of Mr. Lee" and other TV dramas to bring the audience Xiao Han in performing the role of creating three-dimensional sense, is Jiangsu TV hit "double", Xiao Han and Zu Feng formed a 13 years span of first love. Friends said: "from, Xiao Han and Wei Chen, Zu Feng is love, she is like a" national first love ‘has brought infinite memories to us!". Xiao Han surprise to the audience is still continuing, and the second half of her full screen mode to open the screen, will bring about the role of different shapes also make people look forward to.   相关的主题文章: