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Michelin Shanghai guide was Tucao: named real Chinese did have the delicacy of Michelin guide Shanghai version. "Michelin Shanghai guide 2017" as soon as he released, he maxed circle of friends. Can Shuabing praise is not much, the overwhelming Tucao and doubt. Why is the restaurant on the Michelin guide, and not others? Why is the recommendation of the restaurant, Huangpu District, the Bund area of special focus? Why guidelines issued in Shanghai, recommend the most is Cantonese cuisine, Shanghai cuisine…… In fact, there are many questions not just ordinary customers on the "Michelin 2017" guide to Shanghai, gourmet views are not the same. In addition to the selected restaurant dishes taste evaluation is, for the guidelines themselves each appraise. Why do these restaurant guide in Shanghai selected the "Michelin guide 2017", the city only a Michelin Samsung restaurant flowers Tang Ge, another 7 restaurant was awarded the title of star restaurant, 18 foreign restaurant won a star, there are 25 cheap restaurant on the "Bibendum delicacy promotion list. After all, everyone on the delicacy tastes and preferences are different, the list of Michelin guide the restaurant after the announcement, immediately sparked controversy. Samsung restaurant Tang court, some people think that Tang Ge Roasted Goose is very delicious, "in the mainland’s Guangdong restaurant" class; but also immediately to the early adopters diners, Tang Ge overall are "capital bad" evaluation, said in a 480 yuan dishes don point. "Frozen tiger had a refrigerator taste, tomato and mustard large and careless, the key is, neither fresh nor thick soup". In this guide, Shanghai writers, gourmet Shen Jialu have something to say. Has been published in more than 20 Michelin star restaurant, Shen Jialu to eat the more than and 10. Shen Jialu, Tang GE’s greatest success in the new world, such a foreigner like to patronize the place, out of an exotic environment and dishes with foreigners to understand China restaurant and tourist market docking is good enough. Shen Jialu also expressed his personal view, guide list, has been very hard to do large vegetarian vegetables are not actually unbounded, a star, but the idea, operation and lackluster Gongdelin together included in the list of recommended. He said that for the Michelin star, the old Xing, this is more like Michelin for a "face" Shanghai Cuisine: "the first sentence of Michelin Zhengxing old description is a hundred years old, such a reason in the front row, should not be the style of Michelin. What a good old Xing dish? Fried shrimp, grass circles such dishes in Michelin’s comments are not mentioned, in fact, I am also very suspicious of foreign judges can not accept the first circle of grass this dish." In contrast, snacks do well, less oil and salt lvbolang this only into the recommended list, he also felt some pity. Despite this guide, Shen Jialu think the blessing road Shanghai old hotel is more representative of Shanghai local cuisine, and Shanghai also has many Pan-Fried Mantou shop Distribution in the streets and lanes, the taste is not necessarily better than recommended list stores difference. What are one thousand people in the eyes of the "gourmet detective", there are one thousand Hamlett. One thousand people in mind, there will be a guide to the one thousand kinds of food. Food)相关的主题文章: