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Mickey Huang and Fei Yuqing "s love to talk about" Mickey Huang and Fei Yuqing "s Mickey Huang ridicule Sina entertainment news recently, a program ushered in the Taiwan famous host Mickey Huang [micro-blog]. The main reason for the mainland audience is not unfamiliar to him, or because he and a small [micro-blog] once had in the beginning to the end of love with vigour and vitality. In the program, in the face of the older generation Fei Yuqing, Mickey Huang very frank, without arousing suspicion initiate s. Meet acquaintances, particularly relaxed Fei Yuqing could not help but laugh, Mickey Huang as a "bitch", and "little brother" as the opening track selection ", also attracted everyone dreams. Old friends get together, laugh at each other happy about Mickey Huang is Taiwan variety star, Fei Yuqing and his brother for many years there have been many cooperation programs, Mickey Huang to learn Thailand strange voice or an affected manner, that is brewing recording emotional Fei Yuqing immediately broken, straight ha ha laugh, couldn’t hold back a "you this bitch". Shuoxuedouchang well versed in Mickey Huang is also the scene of imitating Fei Yuqing, "yijianmei" Sang Wei Miao Wei Qiao, Fei Yuqing in the picture and sound, a happy occasion. I laughed and said, even I have for you and. Mickey Huang quipped: "you can help me and music, it is your pleasure." It can be seen that two people are really good friends with each other. Mickey Huang’s first talk about the small s, Fei Yuqing sang "heartless" in front of friends, naturally let it down. In the program, Mickey Huang actually took the initiative to mention himself as a public figure, some of the story is easy to become a model. When Chen Rong was pressed is what story, Mickey Huang forthrightly: "as long as the Internet search for my name, will result in the next, is complete oh." In addition to ridicule, Mickey Huang as the "Frank" guests have the heart monologue: "my own way has also stumbled, young will inevitably make mistakes, not sensible, after quenching time, again and again to reflect on their own, I am also very happy in the last year to reconcile with sister S and the most important thing is to get a lot of repercussions, everyone says I have and my youth also went to my former settlement, or I am sorry to say thank you, this is what we do best to pay artists." At this time Fei Yuqing and "bad Sorghum" on-line blurting "so I sing" heartless "before seems to be coming at you," smiled amused the audience instantly utterly routed. (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: