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The implementation of the national standard of formaldehyde exceed the standard 15 years more than the scandal at noon on October 30, 2016 at the news channel of CCTV "weekly quality report" for the investigation reported net sales of palm mattress formaldehyde exceed the standard, Song Guangsheng’s face heavy: 14 samples of formaldehyde emission standards, the highest exceed the standard 10 times. At this time, the state formally promulgated and implemented the civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control and ten kinds of interior decoration materials harmful substances limited standard has been 15 years, formaldehyde exceed the standard is still frequent scandals, become difficult to break in the interior decoration. Now Song Guangsheng is the director of environment and environmental protection national indoor car quality supervision and inspection center, witnessed the development and implementation of these standards in his heart to float a qualm: when can make formaldehyde away from people’s living space, how can we really say goodbye to formaldehyde damage? The problems remain unsolved, become a chronic disease plaguing the industry. Recently, to solve this problem, and environment protection in the national indoor car quality supervision and Inspection Center issued interior decoration and furniture pollution control action plan in wood-based panel materials geothermal heating family, large primary and secondary schools and kindergartens and the promotion of automotive interior materials formaldehyde free add, wood-based panels gradually focus in these places prohibit the use of urea formaldehyde glue and wood-based panel furniture, can expect from the source of indoor air pollution control. Standard brings a new look 15 years ago, a reporter named Liu Changzhong wrote an article about the indoor environmental pollution report, caused a national leaders attention, in this report signed by a few words: this matter should pay attention to the health of residents. The indoor environment and the limited standard of hazardous substances is made up of. Soon, "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control" and "interior decoration decoration materials imitation board and its products formaldehyde Limited", "interior decoration decoration materials coatings limit of harmful substances", "interior decoration materials, interior wall coating materials limit of harmful substances" 10 national mandatory standards publishing industry to bring great shock: since January 1, 2002, the production of products produced by enterprises should implement the 10 national standards, since July 1, 2002, the market to stop selling do not meet the 10 national standard products. Song Guangsheng is a civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control and ten kinds of interior decoration materials harmful substances limited standard implementation of promoters, for these standards, he used three points to summarize: one is to enhance the environmental awareness of people, living in new houses have first smell the smell, the car opened the door to smell the smell is big; two the market began to standardize, state quality inspection administration organization of the quality supervision department of investigation and supervision, so that the overall quality has been greatly improved materials; three is the enterprise pay more attention to innovation, some enterprises in the new materials formaldehyde free straw board, wo Xiang board of innovative exploration and achieved certain results. "These changes can be said that the new meteorological standard brings," Song Guangsheng to the Beijing Daily reporter said, "it is the standard to promote China’s environmental protection industry in the car interior decoration materials industry development and progress." Formaldehyde scandal is still frequent.相关的主题文章: