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Fitness-Equipment I’m going to teach all you women how you can do natural bodybuilding. This is the safest and healthiest way to do it. As women, we don’t build muscle quite as well as men, but we can still advantage of every opportunity and be.e better at this. The Bodybuilding Diet: IF you haven’t done it already, you’re going to have to say goodbye to the conventional diet that ever other person follows. The average person eats two to three meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Breakfast is often skipped. What you’re going to have to start doing is eating meals more often and eating smaller portions. This will move you from eating 2-3 meals a day to 5-8 meals a day. The reason is simple, you need a consistent flow of nutrients throughout the day to repair muscles. If you follow the 2-3 meals a day, you’re going to have significant amounts of time where you’re not getting any nutrition. You need to be eating smaller meals, more often. The Evening Eating: This sort of plays on the first point about the diet. When you’re at the evening, you have to follow different rules. Obviously you’re going to sleep and that will last a good 8-9 hours. You need nutrition during that time, so in the evenings you need to cut down your carbs and stick with protein and fat. The .bination of protein and fat will allow you to prolong digestion and have it last most of the night. Sleep: You’re going to have to have a respectable sleeping pattern. Sleep has to be about the most underestimated factor in bodybuilding. You can’t escape it. You have to have a good long night of sleep to build muscle. If you’re only sleeping 5-6hrs a night, that’s not good enough. You need at a minimum 8hrs. I seen people that had a hard time putting on muscle and losing weight simply because they weren’t getting enough sleep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: