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Nearly six hundred of the world’s top experts on combing the past ten years ocean climate research results – Beijing, Beijing in September 19 Qingdao Xinhua (reporter Hu Yaojie) the climate variability and predictability of research projects (hereinafter referred to as "CLIVAR") in 2016 19 in the open science conference in Qingdao held a National Laboratory of marine China. 250 research institutions from more than 60 countries and regions around the world’s top 600 ocean climate experts to participate in this meeting, combing through nearly ten years of ocean climate research, aimed at improving human knowledge and ability to predict climate change, promote social and environmental sustainable development. Director, Chinese Marine National Laboratory Chinese academician Wu Lixin believes that CLIVAR is the world’s oceans and climate research areas of the highest level meeting, this is the National Marine Laboratory held for the first time such a high level meeting. The nearly 600 scientists came to the National Marine Science Laboratory, this paper summarizes the past research results at the same time, some scientists will determine the future global collaboration on climate research to study and solve the problem of the. The chairman of the Scientific Committee, open science conference CLIVAR Germany University of Hamburg professor detlef stamer? Said the CLIVAR conference is open science after a lapse of 12 years after the second held, the meeting will mainly for the past ten years, and to sort out the results. He believes that the past ten years, a new understanding of marine climate and human, such as deep ocean warming, it is lack of understanding in the past, with the past twelve years of deep ocean have more observations and data, and with the development of computer technology and numerical simulation technology, simulation and prediction of the ocean has been greatly improved, so the ocean and climate research is becoming more and more important. He hoped that through the study of the results of the meeting, can help people to further understand the role of the ocean in the climate. Daetwyler? The default is currently Chinese tower, has gradually become an important country in global climate research, outstanding research results, in the ocean and climate research facilities, personnel and other aspects, play an increasingly important role in the Western Pacific, the CLIVAR open science conference held in Shandong in Qingdao, you can make better research and progress China scientists in Physical Oceanography and climate understanding of global. CLIVAR project office director Dieter cavari? Melman said, "climate variability and predictability of the research project" (CLIVAR) is the world climate research programme (WCRP) is one of the core projects, CLIVAR global office moved to Qingdao by the British China, which Chinese first has to carry out the international plan of global office. CLIVAR open science conference is one of the most important academic conference in the field of marine and climate change, but also one of the world’s highest academic conference, the CLIVAR Open Science Conference for 5 days. (end)相关的主题文章: