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Denmark Odense will build a new Andersen Museum – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Copenhagen October 31st news (reporter Shi Shouhe) the Danish fairy tale master Andersen’s hometown of Odense City, announced in October 31st, the city plans to build a new Andersen Museum, is expected to be completed by 2020 to use. The new museum will be combined with the existing Andersen Museum and "tinderbox" fairy Museum overall expansion, at present all 305 million Danish kroner (about 305 million yuan) to raise construction funds have been put in place, is expected to start construction in 2017. The new museum will reach a total area of 9000 square meters, including the exhibition area of 2500 square meters. The existing Andersen Museum in Odense was opened in 1908, and the museum was built on the basis of a few low rise bungalows in the former residence of the city of Andersen, and the contents of the exhibition were mainly based on the life of the people of the city of. The new museum is designed by the Japanese architectural design master. 4 years later, visitors will see here is a blend of classical and modern, natural and artistic, fairy tales and reality of modern architecture. Boyer, mayor of Odense, said the new museum reflects the grand theme through subtle things, and regional attributes and international vision of organic integration, will add a new magic for the whole city". Odense City, responsible for culture, sports and the development of the city vice mayor Ye Jinde Andersen believes that the new museum will be built to attract more tourists at home and abroad, will stimulate the local tourism industry, further enrich the cultural life of the local.相关的主题文章: