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"On the award" is not desirable but also need not exaggeration – Sohu culture channel Zhu Changjun recently there is news that the winners of Yunnan province Kunming Panlong District East Primary School Students photo in 7 students with a kneeling on the ground. Image triggered users controversy. The principal of the school responded that the photos for the award after shooting in the office, restricted by space, some students kneel. Panlong District of Kunming City Bureau of Education said that the school has received the report, then put forward opinions. 7 students while holding the certificate, while it is the legs down, even on the face with a smile, but this scene is amplified by the network communication, controversy can actually be foreseen. From the definition of traditional culture, on this action, it is reminiscent of dignity, culture concept. This has been proved in many events in recent years. Especially this incident, kneel is pupil, is more likely to arouse people’s desire to protect "". Someone from the school’s response on the matter, students "kneeling to receive", it is not much more complex background, was not deliberately arranged or forced. The main reason is because of the lack of space at the scene, in order not to block the rear line of the student’s vision of the helpless. It is "kneeling receive" rather than "on camera" is more appropriate. Of course, this reason is not difficult to understand, but it is not enough. For example, under normal circumstances, as long as people handle this situation in front of squat on the line, do not have to kneel. Therefore, although the students and teachers are unconscious, but in view of the conflict this action and modern social mainstream values, and indeed in the matter of dignity, outside reminder, after the school requires teachers to improve, it is necessary to pay attention to. But in this case, it A thing has its cause. "there is no need to go on. First of all, even if this is not the way, but after all, belong to the teacher’s careless. It may be because of the lack of personal experience when the teacher in the photo, ignoring the possible damage caused by this action. Parents and school can put forward opinions and criticism, but this is network transmission amplification, and even lead to one-sided criticism, obviously beyond the general sense of "remind goodwill". Obviously, whether it is someone’s teacher, or the incident among the students, should not be able to withstand such criticism and onlookers. Secondly, before the event was not enlarged, the students did not feel substantial damage in the process. But through the public opinion to magnify the correction, is likely to form a reverse "stimulus", namely the student did not feel malicious and hurt, but the spread of public opinion objectively strengthened this kind of malicious, apparently with the intention of public opinion onlookers draw further apart. The age of the Internet, many events, once after the media microscope, in the process of communication is often prone to bias, such as the case of accidental phenomenon as the event itself, or exaggerate the consequences, obscures the truth and the nature of the event, not only let the event processing cost becomes higher, also tend to produce unnecessary damage and even the formation of a consensus violence. In this case, the students "kneeling Award" is not desirable, but if ignore specific events in China相关的主题文章: