On the first anniversary of the Antarctic Antarctic juelian issued a commemorative poster the ultima sunny came home

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"On the first anniversary of the Antarctic Antarctic juelian" issued a commemorative poster ultimate shock Tencent entertainment starring Mark, Yang Zishan disaster love movie "Antarctic juelian" today released a special commemorative poster to commemorate the anniversary of a shooting movie landing in Antarctica, Zhang Nanji also will be exposed as field work. In order to let the audience feel the real shock of the Antarctic continent and magnificent, a film crew in October 24, 2015 through heavy woods landing south pole, the field shooting lasted 1 months, become a film in the history of the first shooting feature in the antarctic. "Antarctic juelian" produced by Stanley Kwan, directed by Wu Youyin, starring Mark, Yang Zishan. In the exposure of the commemorative poster, in the Antarctic wall Mark sounded frost isolated and helpless and harsh Antarctic, blowing a shiver all over though not cold. So desperate, Mark and Yang Zishan to meet, how to survive, how to love, remind the audience infinite curiosity. "Antarctic juelian" has shot in Beijing in the second half of this year, is currently tense post production in 2017 is expected to meet with the audience. "Antarctic Antarctic juelian" real anniversary in October 24, 2015 with on-site shooting miracle movie director Wu Youyin, actor Mark and composed of more than 40 people across the crew, after seven days, a total of about 23749 kilometers across the trip to set foot on the Antarctic mainland land in the Antarctic Peninsula, Philippines lders of the Great Wall Bay officially declared the film "the love" boot. The crew in the Antarctic a total of 28 days stay time, make the film become a movie history for the first time in the Antarctic filming feature. Shooting on the Antarctic continent, let the crew usher in hitherto unknown challenge, not only to overcome the Antarctic in high altitude, low temperature and frequent storms, but also strictly abide by the Antarctic Treaty in the supervision of the polar center environmental monitoring department, finish shooting tasks to various extreme conditions. In the "Antarctic juelian" the first conference, from the return of Mark also shared his experience out of the ordinary of the shooting, Mark admits during shooting storm lost 10 pounds, still no goggles under the condition of exposure and face to the south of the Antarctic continent, was suffering from snow blindness. "The movie director Wu Youyin juelian" adapted from the creation of the novel of the same name, the story of the film described one of the "insulation" of men and women in an accident after stranded in the cold Antarctic, and no material supply, everywhere is an environment to live, have become the biggest wish of every day. Real shot show magnificent effects CG plastic shock than many stories describe the Antarctic to choose other locations as the Antarctic "replacement", "Antarctic juelian" is the first side to show the true Antarctic continent. Once to twice the identity of the Antarctic expedition landing director Wu Youyin said, "for the show, an indispensable pure natural beauty and the film industry of the United States, the combination of the two, in order to" Antarctic juelian "in real emotion and show unlimited imagination, so though the real shooting difficulty is great, but the final presentation will not let the audience down in the movie." At the same time as a disaster love movie, this piece of investment of billions of dollars, is a southern)相关的主题文章: