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On the first day after the coaching change: Steel real estate stocks force A stocks rose more than 1%- securities Sohu after the opening, the steel plate quickly pull up, has led to a 2.57% increase. Oil mining, real estate sector followed. This month, the real estate market ushered in a number of favorable policies, analysts said that in the market sentiment warmer, the real estate sector is expected to usher in a rebound in the market. The decision makers have loose intentions, and the stock market will enjoy the little honeymoon brought by loose expectations. The general rise in previous rebar futures, related stock movements rose more than 4%, up nearly 3% aluminum, zinc, nickel, rubber rose over 2%. Large iron ore futures in May rose 4.9% to 365,5 yuan per ton, a record high of five months. Stock index opened up 1%, to 2888.60 points. Shen Chengzhi opened up 1.26% at 10290 points. Gem opened 1.09%, to 2235.17 points. On the disk, electronic manufacturing, real estate, packaging, medical, delivery equipment and other sectors gainers. On Saturday, Xiao Gang was exempt, Liu Shiyu took over the Party committee secretary of China Securities Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission chairman. At the beginning of the month following the lower down payments, the real estate market recently again welcome two new stimulus. In February 17th, the central bank and other departments announced that since February 21st, the staff housing provident fund account deposit interest rate, the current in accordance with the collection time to implement the current and three months deposit benchmark interest rate, adjusted to the unified one-year benchmark deposit rate benchmark interest rates. In February 19th, the Ministry of Finance and other departments issued a circular announcing the reduction of tax on real estate transactions since February 22, 2016. Securities Daily quoted analysts as saying that policy stimulus is conducive to expanding the effective demand of the real estate market, and promote the steady recovery of investment. After a substantial decline in the real estate sector early, valuations gradually become reasonable, in the context of market sentiment warmer, the real estate sector is expected to follow the market ushered in the rebound market. CITIC Securities yesterday pointed out in the report, the decision-making layer "loose" intention is obvious, the stock market can still enjoy "loose" expected to bring a little honeymoon. From January monetary and financial data outlook for the whole year, is expected "two sessions" set in 2016 M2 growth target may not only exceed the target of 12% in 2015, and may exceed market expectations of 12.9%, within the 13%-15% range. This will signal a very loose policy orientation. The market expects the deficit rate to be 2.5%-3% in 2016, higher than the target of 2.3% in 2015, and China’s final deficit rate target in 2016 is expected to be higher than market expectations. Taking into account the short-term real estate new deal and the "two sessions" gradual expected impact, this week in the industry investment proposal portfolio to improve the weight of environmental protection and real estate, reduce the weight of the automotive industry.

换帅后首日:钢铁地产股发力 A股高开涨逾1%-搜狐证券   开盘后,钢铁板块迅速拉涨,目前以2.57%的涨幅领涨。石油开采、地产板块紧跟其后。本月地产市场迎来多项利好政策,分析称在市场情绪回暖中,地产板块有望迎来反弹行情。决策层宽松意向明显,股市将享受宽松预期带来的小蜜月。   内盘期货普遍上涨,上期所螺纹钢 相关公司股票走势 一度涨逾4%,锌涨近3%,铝、镍、橡胶均涨超2%。大商所铁矿石5月期货一度涨4.9%至每吨365,5元,创五个月新高。      沪指开盘涨1%,报2888.60点。深成指开盘涨1.26%,报10290.0点。创业板开盘涨1.09%,报2235.17点。盘面上,电子制造、地产、包装、医疗、交运设备等板块涨幅居前。   上周六,肖钢被免,刘士余接任中国证监会党委书记、中国证监会主席职务。   继月初下调首付比例后,房地产市场近日再迎两项新的刺激政策。2月17日,央行等多部门宣布,自2月21日起,将职工住房公积金账户存款利率,由现行按照归集时间执行活期和三个月存款基准利率,调整为统一按一年期定期存款基准利率执行。2月19日,财政部等多部门再发通知,宣布自2016年2月22日起下调房地产交易环节税费。   《证券日报》援引分析人士对此表示,政策刺激有利于扩大房地产市场有效需求,促进投资企稳回升。房地产板块经过前期大幅下跌后,估值逐步趋于合理,在市场情绪回暖的背景下,地产板块有望跟随大盘迎来反弹行情。   中信证券昨日在报告中指出,决策层“宽松”意向明显,股市依然能够享受“宽松”预期带来的小蜜月。   从1月份货币金融数据展望全年,预计“两会”设定的2016年M2增速目标可能不仅会超出2015年12%的目标,而且可能超出市场预期的12.9%,在13%-15%区间内。这将预示极为宽松的政策取向。市场预期2016年的财政赤字率目标在2.5%-3%,高于2015年2.3%的目标,预计中国最终设定的2016年赤字率目标可能会高出市场预期。考虑到短期地产新政和“两会”渐进的预期影响,本周在行业投资建议组合中提高环保和房地产的权重,降低汽车行业权重。相关的主题文章: