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People buy second-hand housing in the landlord had died by signing Oolong Oriental paging hotline 62706270 for receiving public Yang calls, reflect he recently through an intermediary to buy second-hand housing, and he personally signed the landlord turned out to be a "dead people". Mr. Yang said that in early October of this year he commissioned the Shanghai original estate Lianhua Road store to buy a second-hand housing. Intermediary agreement signed on the same day, he went to a woman claiming to be the landlord to pay 50 thousand yuan deposit, but the other is the receipt and sign the name wrong, this detail caused the attention of Mr. yang. When [the landlord in the sign, she said oh wrong. When the morning of the second day, I think, how will last night sign sign your name wrong, I will go to the nearby house visited me, be startled at get back, this person is there, but has passed away. Since the housing property has passed away, then come to sign the lady who? To this end, Mr. Yang immediately found the original real estate information, the other party has faltered, playing the Tai chi". I immediately went to the manager, Yang said, I want to rest for three days, three days later I phoned her, she said, three days after you listen to the echo, and after three days, I said I want to appeal, she said you are going to appeal to appeal to you. "Mr. Yang said, the entire transaction process, the original Shanghai real estate brokerage Co. Ltd. as the intermediary has not been informed of the housing property has passed away this fact, also did not disclose the name of the signatory’s true identity, but never signed ID verification. Shanghai real estate Lianhua Road store manager Yang Qiuxia admitted that the housing property is indeed dead, her daughter and mother signed in the name of mr.. At present, the housing estate is being handled notary procedures, as long as the landlord’s daughter successfully obtained the right to inherit property, and Yang signed the contract was established. The landlord is in the country now, and so on. I’ll deal with it. She’s going to get the notarization right now, and she’s done justice. Is that really true? The reporter consulted the Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center, the staff said that the name of the signed contract does not have legal effect, to have to pay a deposit of the housing is concerned, a huge risk. If you want to come to my trading center to make a certificate, it is necessary to cancel the contract by the successor to re sign a new contract. According to the law of succession, the child is not necessarily a successor to the title, for example, after the property certificate on the death of this person, her other children or her spouse if you do not agree to transfer transactions? According to China’s "real estate broker management approach", the real estate brokerage institutions are not allowed on the parties to the transaction of housing transactions to conceal the true information, Hu snow Shanghai united law firm lawyers said that the real estate intermediary this alleged violation: [to verify the identity of the two sides, to check the ownership of housing, to ensure the fairness of the transaction This is the intermediary, duty, he is in order to complete the transaction must reach a pre condition. At present, the Minhang District Housing Authority has been involved in the investigation, the original real estate finally promised to refund the relevant costs. Hot news相关的主题文章: