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Father Tang Yaming: Children’s picture books in book is not parents liberation tools – Sohu "real reading picture books, read it for three generations, successful" surging news: come back to talk about the domestic picture book publishing. You in recent years a new identity — "small type words book editor, put in the Gospel Hall thirty years of editing experience back to china. To say this concept, why should abandon the now popular "picture book" or "picture", and called "words"? Tang Yaming: foreign said Picture Book, the Chinese called "picture book", "picture" is a word, but the "map" and "painting" is actually a mean? Long winded, people slowly inclined from the Japanese foreign word "picture". In fact, according to the Chinese habit, "picture book" is a more correct concept. This concept is a surname of the domestic female scholars put forward, just like the letter that: text + picture = with illustrations of the book, the text X = picture book. "Map" is very important, "words" is also very important, picture books have pictures of the language, read by adults to children, children see pictures, hear the language of the story. It can be said that the "small type" of the "words" three words summed up the essence of "picture books". Surging news: read by adults to children is very important, right? Tang Yaming: yes. Now China needs the concept of universal picture books, first, the picture book is not a textbook; second, the picture book is not to let the children themselves, parents have been liberated tools. Adult picture book is read to children’s book, use your meat to make it sound alive, even if the child has read, too. Surging news: I went to Shanghai a few days before the fair, impressed by the children’s publishing house almost do original picture books online, "Shubang Dangdang children’s Top 20" is only two kinds of original works. In contrast, the "small type" from its inception, has been committed to the discovery and publication of original works, I want to hear your thoughts on the Chinese original picture books. Tang Yaming: I joined the "small type", one of the most fundamental purpose is to improve the Chinese, picture book level, out of their original good picture book, or introduced good picture book. Now the industry trend is to grab the copyright, as long as the prize, whether the children love not love, love is not love no matter Chinese children, all bought. This phenomenon is not in Japan, the Japanese press buy a book is very cautious, this book will love Japanese children, Japanese see what it feels like, after careful study, Chinese to buy the copyright, without the concept, as long as you are in a foreign seller, I buy all down. Too crazy. China still has to develop its original picture books. Just like the car, you buy a car, buy a joint venture, in the end, you have to do their own local car, or you will never be able to develop the national industry. So there are some people, would rather suffer, but also to do their own national brand, and finally he will succeed. I will help with "small type" original, there will be a lot of pressure on operating, but the patience to do ten years, their original picture books really do some of the good, the future will stay.相关的主题文章: