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Pete Z film "Lost City" into the American film market explosion film entertainment market Tencent Peter Pattinson, American film trade this year (AFM) head number 25% less than last year, participants also reduced nearly 10%. Even in the film to reduce the number of cases, Chinese buyers is the highlight of the market this year, a single show, has the strongest purchasing power, direct investment projects, production and quality of the film is high turnover. "The lost city of Z" by the buyers all over the world praise in the market after the screenings, become one of the most popular movies, with foreign authoritative rating website rotten tomatoes freshness evaluation of 86%, 98% of people said to expect to see American movies, net score is as high as 8.3, no doubt become the domestic and foreign expectations the highest film. Charlie · Hunnam and Pattinson common interpretation of offbeat expedition "Indiana Jones" Lost City Z "by Brad de · Peter Plan, B products, in addition to more producer who is also the producer of the film, see his attention, especially in the New York Film Festival Closing Film Festival, the film director James, starring Gray · Charlie · Hunnam, Robert · Pattinson and starred in" Captain America "3 small spider man and a small burst of red meat Tom · Holland and other creative have attended the world premiere of the film and media conference, Brad · Peter is personally set file on April 21st release in the u.s.. The film is adapted from the writer David · according to the real event to grand exploration of the same name, the original story about finding the mysterious ancient city lost in South America amazon. Peter revealed his mystique was the real adventure story caused by attraction, master Fawcett is a heart to explore the unknown ancient civilization explorer, true stories of various strange whereabouts spread so far. The Oscar winning film "Indiana Jones" is the birth of the inspiration comes from. At present, the film in addition to a pilot trailer, has not formally issued other official propaganda, but the fans have done some spontaneous pilot posters posted on the Internet, the poster image shows the jungle adventure, a scene full of mystery threatened by growing crises. It is reported that the "Lost City Z" will be released in mainland Chinese next year, the schedule may be with the United States in April 21, 2017, so stay tuned. Julie has 6 children temporary custody Pete has visitation rights相关的主题文章: