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Fashion-Style Price a beauty is a reality series TV documentary starring the famous Jessica Simpson and her best friends Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb. They travel round the world to meet women, beauty regimes, and dietary fads and study local fashions. They attempt to find the meaning of true beauty in different cultures. Jessica returns after six years to the television screen after her MTV series ‘Newly Weds’. This is the first season of ‘Price a beauty’ and there are eight episodes in it. A special Christmas episode will be telecast on November 25, 2010 in the United States. In the first season Jessica and her friends tour Thailand, France, India, Uganda, Morocco, Japan, Brazil and return to Los Angeles. Viewers, who watched the series, learnt a lot about different cultures and the lengths women go through to enhance their beauty. In some countries they want to get fairer in one country and gain weight in another. The ‘Price a Beauty’ series is interesting to watch and those who have missed it can watch it on the internet. After returning from their travels Jessica wrote the theme song ‘There’s nobody like me in the world, and everybody needs to know that about themselves’ for the show/ Jessica Simpson has .e in for a lot of criticism during this series. Typically what a celebrity has to face as their affairs, breakups and even a little weight gain be.e topics for discussion. This is the price that celebrities have to pay when they .e appear on the radar of the press and public. The show has received good and bad publicity and Jessica’s divorce hit the news and added to negative publicity. A second series is scheduled to be aired next year, but Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb are not ac.panying Jessica on her travels in it. It’s also said that the series will not be searching for the definition of beauty in different cultures but will be about Jessica getting over her own fears. We can only wait and see how the audience will react to the second season of ‘Price a Beauty’. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: