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PuYi boring reading career: 6 years old until the end of the marriage – in the book of life in the palace of the majority of people believe that PuYi, reading the Enlightenment of the teacher is the teacher of the emperor and the emperor of the emperor, who is the teacher of the age of years of age, the number of people who are in charge of the study of the book of life, and so on, the number of people who are in charge of the study of the book of life in the palace of the emperor of the Chinese people’s Republic of China in the book of the. In fact, just the wrong. PuYi when he was six years old, the bureau is auspicious day, Xuantong three years July 18th the Tianchen — seven in the morning to nine o’clock, and began to read. The first enlightenment teacher, not what the emperor teacher, but the personal eunuch Zhang Qian and poyi. This is selected by the Empress Dowager. The name, he was modest, fifty years old, tall. He in the Empress Dowager command, first teach Puyi characters recognition, has finished the "Three Character Classic" and "family names". In fact, several emperors even Puyi later, also by the Empress Dowager personally selected, she sees it as a kind of power. He is not in the original book known as Yu Qing palace, and in Zhongnanhai ying’tai fill Tong house. It is the first place to study the emperor. Later, reading place and change it to the next to the Forbidden City Palace Zhai Yu Qing palace. It is not a simple place, is the first emperor Jiaqing living chambers, and Tongzhi and Guangxu emperor young school places. The emperor also lived here. From the palace of the legacy of the file, for the teaching of mathematical Puyi and modern science not only ", and" thirteen classics "literary jargons", this kind of traditional Ancient Chinese Literature Search. The only difference is that here Professor Manchu and later added English course. He read the first book is a Book of filial piety. This is also consistent with the rule of the Qing Dynasty to rule the world. But he never learned nor understand modern science add, subtract, multiply and divide. When the emperor Puyi has given a division, a total of seven or eight, such as Chen Baochen, Zhu Yifan, Liang Dingfen, Xu Fang, Lu Runxiang, Yiketan (Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and later the British calligrapher), master Johnston et al. Several of his master with a feature that is in addition to Yiketan Manchu, basically is from the south. The emperor teacher, PuYi at first most believed Chen Baochen, who called the "emperor" of the brain, the restoration of the "spare no effort in". He is always around Fujian, follow the "Fujian Gang" a group of people, including Manchuria’s prime minister and later served as a pseudo Zheng Xiaoxu, he is also a recommendation. Among them, the most solid foundation Ancient Chinese Literature Search Liang Dingfen, but only to instill the idea of "restoration" poyi. According to Pu Yi, the son of Zhu Yifan the Master Zhu Luan? His father told the author, because of considerable skill, often late at night by Pu Yi called into the palace of art. PuYi also like to write a prescription, too, the hospital never dared to let him eat. Zhu also said that his father, Joseph? Often after receiving a phone call on the name of Pu Yi, the lantern walk into the Donghua gate, go to the doctor "jahanpanah". Zhu Yifan advocated the restoration of Qing Dynasty, and later was desperately against PuYi in Japanese, is a national integrity imperial division. Yiketan is Manchu, grumpy, and later because of illness, the more the spirit is not normal, often with Chen Baochen as "imaginary enemy" in the front room Yu Qing palace, two people often for some small things on the table at. Soon, he couldn’t hear his cries, Puyi this.相关的主题文章: