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Qatar coach or coach from the domestic league highest voice – Sohu Sports Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Fan) in October, Chinese soccer team will once again usher in two round of 12, respectively 6 and 11 on the home court against Syria away against Uzbekistan. Yesterday, China announced the two games of the 24 training list, while Qatar is in the morning broke coach fired news. National team is currently ranked fourth in the team, the results of the two games in October will have an important impact on the national team’s top 12 prospects for the game, whether the good news to become a real score, we wait and see. The foot cold welcome good coach Qatar fired less than two months in the top 12 Saizhongka battle, Qatar National team this morning came heavy news: the team coach, Uruguay coach Jose carreo? Has reached an agreement with Qatar Football Association, will not continue to battle the remaining World Cup team. The China soccer team, Qatar chicken coaching is naturally a good news. Carreno succeeded Belmadi in May last year, becoming the Qatar National team coach, achieved very good results, including the first round group phase stage in the round of 12 match against Chinese, to top the group identity, and led the team to beat in the Chinese home court. But the 12 match at the beginning of consecutive losses to Iran and Uzbekistan, which had a strong dissatisfaction with the Qatar Football Association team coach carreo. After the defeat to Uzbekistan, came to carreo class news. According to local media reports this morning, Carreno has been officially released after class, Qatar Football Association has started Xuanshuai wildly beating gongs and drums. Because the next phase of the 12 games in front of the game, the Qatar Football Association is likely to save time in the domestic league to select a new coach. Among them, the defending League champions al rayyan team coach Jorge fossati? Is considered to be the most likely candidate, coincidentally, he and Jose carreo also from Uruguay?. Coaching such as tool change, the chicken coaching is certainly good news for Chinese football, but not to say that the Orangemen can therefore easily beat his opponent, the Orangemen also need to do their practical preparations to seize the opportunity. The latest phase of the national football squad of 24 Guangzhou Hengda: Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Lin, Huang Bowen, Li Xuepeng, Gao Lin? Shanghai: Wu Lei, Yu Hai, Cai Huikang, Hong Kong, Shandong Luneng Yan Junling: Hao Junmin, Zhao Mingjian, Yang Xu, Yang Zhi, Zhang Xizhe, Beijing Guoan Zhang Chengdong Jiangsu Suning: Wu Xi, Zhang Xiaobin, Gu Chao, Zhang Yuning Guangzhou R & F Holland Vites Jiang Zhipeng: right to health in Tianjin: Sun Ke Hebei Huaxia happiness: Jiang Ning, Dewey, Ren hang the new list of 24 people released veteran Zheng Zhi missed yesterday, China Football Association announced in October the two games a new national football squad. In this list, Guangzhou Hengda is still the largest number of selected clubs, a total of 5 people were selected, but Zheng Zhi, a veteran of the year and did not appear in the list of these 36. Beijing Guoan three people were selected, namely Yang Zhi, Zhang Chengdong and Zhang Xizhe. Shanghai sail相关的主题文章: