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Real Madrid have only one life left! A = defeat chasing cosmos cant over Real Madrid (data) from Atletico only 1, but with Basa (official data) the distance seems more distant Tencent Sports 2 1 April – Real Madrid victory over the Spanish League, has reached 47, from the first name of Basa 4 (Basa also sent a little game from the second field), Atletico only 1. But in the current round of Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid won the first World War, "Marca" analysis, "Zidane’s real more difficult". In other words, the team level after Barcelona, if a song or will bid farewell to the championship. This season, the most stable state of the "La Liga shield" Atletico, but was the leader from the Real Madrid Barcelona double play, the difference was widened to 7 points. Although the White army home court qinxia Barcelona city rivals, but still in a game situation after falling Barcelona 4 points, red and blue theory successfully won the game for Real Madrid, there will be 7 points ahead. "Real Madrid to the crown, must hit a winning streak," Marca "advice," Barcelona and Real Madrid, a fault-tolerant space, any errors in the price is expensive, as the match of Bettis, was the dominant draw, is "unacceptable error", and similar such mistakes, the there are too many real Madrid season, 8 games lost points, Mourinho hit a record% of the 2011-12 season, the 6 round before losing points. Real Madrid is not stable against the enemy Barcelona away obvious to people, a Villarreal in Seville and Madrid, 1 flat 3 negative, should take the opponent, has repeatedly appeared accident, Malaga, Gijon and Huanshuai down Valencia, all points in the former coach Benitez body. Round flat Bettis, veteran Pepe admitted, "the title may have is a hope". After Zidane took over, Real Madrid state rebounded significantly, but the change rate is too low to get away, is a problem placed in front of you, after all, he won 3 game tournament under is in Bernabeu, and at the last 5 League round only 1 wins. The first 10 league games at only 4 wins, 1998-99 is the worst season after Real Madrid at the opening show. Since October last year, Real Madrid have never League winning 3 games last season, Ancelotti had led the team winning the 13 round, the contrast is too strong. Since the kings Cup early out, Real Madrid since the new year is a Monday rhythm, physical reserve is better than barcelona. On the calendar, Real Madrid also than half relaxed, against Atletico, Bilbao, Seville, and Valencia Villarreal 5 enemies, are only the second leg of the century home court, to go to the Nou camp. But the Real Madrid to ensure their own grab points at the same time, also hope the defending champion can fall over, like Ma Jing asking for a red card for the two active disarm opponent is less. At present this season Barcelona remain the longest winning streak in 8 do not say, the games have 26 games unbeaten, although the future schedule intensive, but the distribution is more ideal, is the home court for Real Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla and CELTA, fighting off enemies with Billie Ale Jarl and Barcelona to Deportivo, and home court off the high rate of the Royal society. Maybe only after the elimination of the Champions League, can Real Madrid see the turning point. (Cuchu)

皇马仅剩一条命!平局=惨败 追宇宙队不能怂皇马(数据) 距马竞只差1分,但与巴萨(官网 数据) 的距离却看似更遥远了腾讯体育2月1日讯 皇马大胜西班牙人,联赛积分已达47分,距头名巴萨还差4分(巴萨少赛一场),离榜眼马竞只差1分。不过在本轮巴萨击败马竞赢下榜首大战后,《马卡报》分析认为,“齐达内的皇马更困难了”。换句话说,追赶宇宙队级别的巴萨,如果再怂一场或将彻底告别冠军争夺。本赛季状态最稳定的“西甲之盾”马竞,却遭巴萨双杀,皇马距领头羊分差一度被拉大到7分。虽然白衣军本轮主场擒下巴萨同城对手,但依然在多赛一场情况下落后巴萨4分,理论上红蓝军顺利拿下补赛,对皇马领先优势将有7分。“皇马要争冠,必须打出一波连胜”,《马卡报》提点,“巴萨有容错空间,而皇马,任何一点错误代价都是昂贵的”,如上轮对垒贝蒂斯,全场占尽优势下被逼平,就是“不可接受的错误”,而类似这等错误,本赛季皇马有太多次了,8场赛事丢积分,穆里尼奥创百分纪录的2011-12赛季,全年才6轮丢分。皇马不稳定有目共睹,客场对垒强敌巴萨塞维利亚比利亚雷亚尔和马竞,1平3负,应拿下的对手,也多次出现闪失,马拉加、希洪及换帅后每况愈下的瓦伦西亚,都在前任主帅贝尼特斯身上拿分。上轮平贝蒂斯后,老臣佩佩承认,“夺冠或许已是个奢望”。齐达内接手后,皇马状态显著回升,但如何改变客场拿分率太低,是摆在齐祖面前的难题,毕竟他赢下的3场大比分赛事都是在伯纳乌,而联赛客战过去5轮仅赢1场。前10场联赛客战只胜4场,是1998-99赛季后皇马最差客战开局表现。自去年10月后,皇马还从未联赛连胜3场,而上赛季安切洛蒂曾率队连胜13轮,反差过于强烈。由于国王杯较早出局,皇马新年以来都是一周一赛节奏,体能储备方面优于巴萨。赛程上看,皇马也比上半程轻松,对垒马竞、毕尔巴鄂、塞维利亚、比利亚雷亚尔和瓦伦西亚5大强敌,都是主场,仅次回合世纪大战要去诺坎普。但皇马在保证自身抢分的同时,还得盼卫冕冠军能多跌几个跟头,像马竞这样自找两张红牌主动缴械的对手是越少越好。巴萨目前保持本队赛季最长的8连胜不说,各项赛事已26场不败,未来赛程虽密集,但分布较为理想,对皇马、瓦伦西亚、塞维利亚和塞尔塔都是主场,客战强敌还剩比利亚雷亚尔与拉科鲁尼亚,及主场对巴萨取分率极高的皇家社会。或许只有欧冠淘汰赛开启后,皇马才能看到转机。(Cuchu)相关的主题文章: