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Data-Recovery Help me recover text I lost from a copy and paste error, I just had a huge block of text on my clipboard. When going to paste it, I accidentally hit .mand-c instead of .mand-v … copying a new block of text. Is there any way I can recover the text I just erased from the clipboard? I’m on a Mac running OSX. I deleted a text file and I have to recover txt files as soon as possible! Many people like me to use keyboard shortcuts to do some works in the front of .puter; as this action can improve our working efficient and save time. Even though you are so careful enough to type letters on the keyboard, which you are inevitable to wrong typing or something like that. Anytime your hard drive crashes or you lose your data, you’ll need to turn to data recovery to properly restore your information. Data recovery is something most .puter users are familiar with, as a majority of us have had to turn to data recovery at some point in time. While hard drives are better and better, they are still mechanical and will always encounter problems. To Recover Lost Text Files on Mac If your .txt files have been deleted of damaged on Mac, the first thing to do, before any other problem happen, is to back up your existing files as soon as possible. If you have created a copy of file already, you’ll be well prepared in the event of disaster. In this way, if our hard drive enables to be repaired and the text files are lost forever, you will have to find another efficient method toget .txt files back. There are software programs out there that claim torecover lost data. Most of time, these software programs will do your hard drive more bad than good. To choose a suitable application is the key task for you know. And here l will show you the situation very traumatic when you discover that your .txt files cannot be recovered. 1. InstalluFlysoft Data Recovery for Macand launch 2. Scan partitions to find lost files 3. Preview and save what you deleted or lost data Data Lost Situation What if your .puter damaged or corrupted with natural disasters, hackers, viruses, or any other problem? Do you know what you must have do if this bad experience occurs? Actually, you have to back up your files or data periodically. Once your hard drive will be damaged and your data will be gone, however, they are not lost permanently; they are able to retrieve if you choose a correct application as your must-have tool on Mac. What’s worst! If the suggestion mentioned above can not restore text files successfully for you, I am afraid that all you need to do is take your hard drive to a local specialist and then let them work their magic and show you the power of data recovery service. Tips If you are using Windows OS, just have a try on uFlyosft Photo Recovery for Windows, not only recover deleted photos , but also help you to get back lost video and audio files with ease. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: