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The Russian children’s writer "Leigh Hanno J works" published in Heilongjiang – Beijing, China News Agency, Harbin (reporter Liu Xiju) in September 16, Heilongjiang Publishing Group 16 news release, the "The Belt and Road construction" and "Sino Russian media exchanges in the background, Heilongjiang publishing group Heilongjiang children’s Publishing House launched" Leigh Hanno J works ", bring the exquisite dinner for Chinese young Russian literature. Albert Anatolyevich?? Lee KH is Russia’s well-known writer of children’s literature, academician of Russian Academy of education, academician of the Russian Academy of natural sciences, Japan and Russia in many colleges and universities honorary doctorate. He founded and led the Russian children’s fund and the international children’s fund Federation to help homeless children. Its creation began in the 60s of last century, so far its works have been translated into more than 30 languages, at home and abroad issued a total of about 30000000 copies. Lee KH has been paying close attention to youth spiritual growth, which works with young people form character and moral values as the theme, by describing the relationship between adolescents and adults, put forward the education problems of adults on adolescents’ responsibility and destiny of contemporary society, his works in Russia has always been a group of young readers to accept a higher degree. The publication of the "Leigh Hanno J works" contains "my general", "mother," deception "wishes", "love", "each of his most severe punishment", "family" and "clean the maze of small stones" seven volumes, a total of 73.5 words. From the parent, grandparent and grandchild, teachers and students relationship, from the family, society and other point of view about the influence on teenagers and adults, adolescents through the story in the face of adversity, how to let the heart grow. This set of books related to campus life, family life and social life, contains perfect family, single parent families, orphans and other different identities of adolescent history and spiritual growth in the growth process, has the significance of social reality is very serious. Russian children’s literature is part of the very bright world of children’s literature in the treasure but at present, many outstanding Russian children’s literature also failed to enter the China book market and China readers. Heilongjiang is located in the easternmost China, Russia and neighboring, has a natural geographical advantage, with the increasingly frequent cultural exchanges between the two countries in recent years, more and more Chinese readers want to read more Russian cultural products. The Heilongjiang children’s Publishing House of the "Leigh Hanno J works" is a useful attempt, this exquisite Russian literature conveys feast of courage, honesty and kindness and love spirit will inject new impetus to spiritual growth for Chinese teenagers. (end)相关的主题文章: