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Mobile-Cell-Phone If you want speed on your phone and love the idea of a giant screen display, then Samsung Galaxy Note is just the perfect thing for you. This phone from T-Mobile is super fast 4G smartphone that will simply bewitch you in no time. Just holding the sleek, slim phone in your palms will make you feel like cuddling it like a baby. Add to it, the array of amazing features that the phone boasts of, and you can be rest assured that you will get much more than your moneys worth. Some of the noteworthy features that this phone boasts of are: i.1 GB RAM: 1 GB RAM gives you plenty of choice when it .es to storing your favorite pics and songs. It also ensures top speed. ii.Lightning fast downloads: Say adieu to the old phones that take hours just to download a single file. Galaxy Note .es with a 1.5 GHz Dual-core processor which enables lightning fast downloads and streaming. iii.8 Megapixel Camera: The phone has set the benchmark very high for its rivals when it .es to the quality of camera. Not only can you snap stupendous photos and take videos but you can also e-mail them to any address or send them to MyAlbum. iv.Watch Live TV with T-Mobile: The T-Mobile feature allows you to tune into your favorite TV channel and watch whatever you feel like. v.GPS: Whether you are driving or travelling, the GPS navigation facility will be something that you will always find useful. vi.Plenty of other features: Samsung Galaxy Note is just stuffed with features and applications including Visual Voicemail, Wi-Fi and Mobile Calling, Swype, S-Pen, Front Facing camera, Conference Calling and Full HD Camcorder. Just buy this phone and have a blast! Samsung T159 Review: If you are looking for a great phone which .es at a low price, then Samsung T159 is the perfect phone for you. It is quite simple and easy to use. It is especially noted for its clarity while making voice calls, easy facility of texting owing to large keys, a good Bluetooth connection and a useful speakerphone. Some of the features of the phone can be summed up as: i.3G phone: It may not be as fast as 4G, but the 3G technology it supports is still good enough to give you access to web in no time. ii.Good camera: It .es with a 1.3 Megapixel camera that can help you take photos and videos and even share them or e-mail them. iii.Flip phone: It is a flip phone that can be easily tucked in your jeans pocket and .e with a screen that can protect itself. iv.All the usual features: Samsung T159 has all the usual features that you find in any other phone including Address Book, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Calculator, CMAS, Camera Zoom, Games, Mobile Backup, External Caller ID, Messaging, Speaker phone, M3 & T4, T-Mobile Mail, Visual Voicemail, Vibrating Alert and Wallpapers. Just pick up this phone and enjoy its warm .pany! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: