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Sanctions or drag Russia Korean Rajin – Hassan logistics project – Sohu news [global network Roundup] according to Yonhap News reported on February 4th, South Korean Unification Ministry official said 4, a sign of the Fourth North Korean nuclear test and launch a long-range missile to sanctions are likely to affect the inter Korean cooperation between the three countries in Hassan logistics project. The officials said the sanctions will include more powerful and comprehensive measures, such as matters relating to the sanctions category, (Rajin Hassan project) will inevitably be affected. The impact is different due to the content of sanctions, and should be discussed together with Russia as the party after the sanctions have been determined. When asked about when North Korea launched missiles, the official replied, "looking back on 2009 and 2012 precedent, North Korea just launched the launch window period, and then launched, that is, as long as the weather permits, may launch at any time. The South Korean government officials also warned North Korea once the missile will pay a painful price terms, which reflects the South Korean government to judge the current situation, North Korea’s third and fourth nuclear test has profoundly changed the security situation in the peninsula, North Korean nuclear issue has been serious to endanger national survival.

对朝制裁或拖累朝韩俄罗津-哈桑物流项目-搜狐新闻  【环球网综合报道】据韩联社2月4日报道,韩国统一部官员4日表示,朝鲜第四次核试验和发射远程导弹的征兆招致的制裁有可能影响到朝韩俄三国合作的罗津-哈桑物流项目。  该官员说,制裁内容将包括更强有力的、全面的措施,如有属于制裁范畴的事项,(罗津-哈桑项目)就难免受到影响。影响因制裁内容而异,还要在制裁内容确定后与作为当事方的俄罗斯共同研讨。  被问及朝鲜何时发射导弹时,该官员回答说,回顾2009年和2012年的先例可知,朝鲜刚进入发射“窗口期”便进行了发射,也就是说,只要天气允许,随时可能发射。  该官员还就韩国政府警告朝鲜一旦发射导弹将付出“惨痛代价”的措辞表示,这体现了韩国政府对当前局势的判断,即朝鲜的第三次和第四次核试验已经深刻地改变了半岛安全局势,朝核问题已经严峻到危及民族生存的地步。相关的主题文章: