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Movies-TV Im sure you have noticed that a trip to the movie theater has be.e increasingly expensive. By the time you pay for tickets and buy your popcorn, candy and soda, youre spending upwards of $50.00 or more depending on how many people there are. Well, with Deal Flicks, those days are over !! With over 500 locations throughout the country, you can choose your location, the movie of your choice and schedule a convenient time of your choice and save up to 60% off the ticket price to boot !! Its so affordable, you can bring your Entire Family !! These deals are only available to you as a Deal Flicks member. Movies for you and your family.and what a great reward for your kids ! They will be able to see the movies they see advertised on TV..(you know, the ones they are begging you to take them to see). Now you can satisfy their wants and save a lot of money on top of it ! You see, theaters know they have empty seats and instead of leaving these seats empty, which costs them lost revenue, Deal Flicks partnered with over 500 theaters throughout the country to create exclusive deals just for you. As a Deal Flicks member, you can save you up to 60% off all your movie tickets. Its easy..heres what you need to do to get started: 1)Find a theater near you 2)Choose the movie you want to see 3)Choose the time thats convenient for you 4)Choose your preferred deal 5)Bring your voucher to the box office or download our app on your mobile device. Its that simple. Below are just a few of the available movies you can choose from. 1)The Hunger Games 2)The Good Dinosaur 3)The Peanuts Movie 4)Spectre 5)Star Wars: The Force Awakens And what a great Christmas gift this would make !! Just think about it..for all those people who are difficult to buy for, you can purchase this voucher and give them a night out on the town. Just put it in a card and youre done !! You wont have to fight traffic to the malls or the crowds at the malls. It can simply be done from the convenience of your home .puter ! Remember, these deals are available to Deal Flicks members ONLY, so why not get started today..Christmas is right around the corner. Just click the link below and youre on your way ! Have fun and see you at the movies !! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: